Maca Magic

Maca is a perfect superfood to learn about in our woman's issue. It has amazing benefits that include hormonal support, enhanced fertility, longevity and thyroid support, it's a natural aphrodisiac and keeps stress and anxiety at bay. It also improves immunity and brain function. The best part is you can drink it in delicious versions of hot chocolate and malty treats.
MACA HORLICKS Maca's malty flavour makes it a great alternative to Horlicks. Drink it warm and feel the magic. 500ml hot water ' cup cashews 1 ' Tbsp Maca powder ' tsp vanilla extract 1 ' Tbsp cacao butter 1 Tbsp Lucuma powder 2 Tbsp honey A pinch of salt MACA HOT CHOCOLATE 1 ' cups of hot water 2 Tbsp cacao powder 1 Tbsp Maca powder 1 tsp Hemp seeds 1 tsp Lucuma powder 1 tsp Mesquite powder 2 Tbsp honey 1 Tbsp coconut oil
Blend all the ingredients together until they are very well combined. This recipe comes from The Magic of Superfoods by Peter and Beryn Daniel

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