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Twenty two year old Monique Lopes has the incredible accolade of being a Karate world champion five times over.  She also holds countless bikini titles and runs her own business inspiring others to be fit and encouraging a lifestyle of healthy eating. 'I've always been a Tom Boy,' says Monique. 'Everything we did as a family was sporty and my early life was full of activity.' At age 6 Monique started karate and did it for 13 years, she only stopped when she went to Pretoria University to study Human Movement Science. 'I am the overachiever in everything I do,' says Monique who believes it is part of her personality to strive for perfection. Monique has a phenomenal social media following of people she inspires with specific body goals and fitness challenges. 'I started competing in fitness competitions and posting about the experience. I took 'selfies' to help other people and then realized how many people needed help. I had this random idea to start a challenge and give a prize. It snowballed and got such a good response. Now I do regular challenges for my followers.' My boyfriend Adrian encouraged me so much, that's what really got me going. I do online training as I love empowering people. I like to know they're going to be equipped to do everything themselves rather than being dependent on me.'   'I feel so lucky to be sponsored by Cipla. I had never been interested in supplements before but my friends were getting great results from Cipla products. When I learnt it was a pharmaceutical company, I was more interested in trying it out and now I'm sold on them.' Monique usually does cardio training in the morning and weight training in the evening. Three or four times a week she does a type of training called Switch, at the gym. 'When I take all my supplements it makes me feel more motivated and more professional because its part of a programme. Of course when life becomes crazy and you are on the go, then high-power smoothies are so convenient.' 'I believe strongly in eating the right foods, luckily I don't have a problem with what to eat, I love healthy food especially salad ' I'm sure I was a rabbit in my past life!' Monique admits that if she has to cheat, she would opt for pizza or sushi. 'We never really had junk food in the house, which was lucky for me. I am Portuguese and I eat a lot. During off season I am a little bit more relaxed and will often have something my mom bakes. 'One of my favourite things is the Cipla 'Cookies and Cream' whey powder. It tastes too good to be true, you can either put it in a shake, or a smoothie but sometimes at home in the evening I add a bit of water and mix it into a mousse, I call it my contraption. For me, it's a delicious pudding.' Monique's favourite training partner is her Mom, she's her rock, her best friend and her everything. Her Mom was her guinea pig ' her first training client. When everyone saw the huge transformation Mom made, so many people were inspired to follow. Instagram: Facebook Page: MoniqueFit We asked Monique her top tip for people with health, weight and fitness goals. 'Once you make a decision to start, never ever stop. Turn it into a habit. Remember that nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. It's all about getting your mind around it and being prepared. Find someone who inspires you and then rather than trying to be like someone else, be the best version of yourself.' CIPLA NUTRITION OUR HERITAGE Cipla Nutrition is a quality sports nutrition brand owned by South Africa's third largest pharmaceutical company, Cipla Medpro. It's the only sports supplement brand affiliated to a leading multinational pharmaceutical organisation. The tagline 'Science of Success' reflects their unique quality offering, backed by cutting edge innovation, strict regulatory controls and best practice manufacturing principals.

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