Meet our Supplier Secuvie

Sensitive skin affects millions of people, it's not only restricted to teenagers. Although there is no miracle cure, there are some effective ways of working with your skin to repair and restore balance. We spoke to Michael Linell, Founder and CEO of Secuvie International to shed some light on effective treatment and care.
Secuvie is a Swedish company focused on the research and development of a natural skin care system for sensitive skin and problem skin conditions. Dermatologists, pharmacists, natural health practitioners, skin care clinics and skin therapists recommend the products. Secuvie's products are developed to the highest European standards for this industry and are now marketed worldwide with key focus areas in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and now South Africa. The range is tested, safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Secuvie's skin care range is modern, fresh and naturally therapeutic. 'Our pharmaceutical team specialises in creating 100% natural skincare products for problem skin conditions,' says Michael, committed to the dermatology products his chemists and scientific team develop in conjunction with plant extracts and essential oils that protect, repair and enhance the skin. Why use Secuvie? 'Many products are filled to the brim with chemicals and we wanted to make a safe product available, one that is natural, scientific and has a high efficacy in a range of sensitive skin areas.' Secuvie works effectively on irritated, dry, cracked, reddish skin; on poor elasticity; sunburn and sun damaged skin; under eye rings; wrinkles, dehydration, loss of luminosity and eczema. The product range is dermatologically tested and free from colourants, petrochemicals, alchohols, mineral oils, preservatives and perfumes. SUPER INGREDIENT CHD-FA' is a carbohydrate derived fulvic acid, a highly effective plant acid new to the world and the skin care market but with a centuries old proven track record for having therapeutic and curative properties. It is a micro molecule that penetrates the skin working actively on a cellular level to provide energy, harmony and nutrients to the skin. It protects, repairs and strengthens irritated skin. It also assists in the uptake of nutrients from Secuvie's other natural ingredients and bringing rejuvenation to the cells. In combination, these ingredients have a well- rounded therapeutic effect. The CHD-FA' molecule is bioactive and works as an energizer and anti-oxidant.Specialized technologies, ingredients and science equal a product range that boosts the skin, provides energy and repairs skin. There are four product ranges: SECUVIE FACE Repair Cleansing Gel Repair Day & Night Cream Repair Eye Cream Repair Booster Serum Daily Repair Cream SECUVIE BODY Repair Body Lotion Repair Hand Cream SECUVIE SUN After Sun Cooling Lotion After Sun Repair Cream MEDICAL RANGE RECZEMA especially for the treatment of eczema, irritated skin, dry skin and red skin. RECZEMA has been clinically proven to significantly improve the symptoms of mild to moderate eczema and irritated skin and is completely free from perfumes, preservatives, cortisone and other steroids. An added benefit is the support and advice from skin therapists and professionals in the Wellness Skin area. Kimi Cilliers from the Face to Fresh Skin Tightening Clinic at Kloof street Wellness Warehouse store is a highly specialised, professional skin therapist well trained in the use and direction of Secuvie products. She uses the Secuvie range in innovative and natural anti-aging treatments. Secuvie's products are 100% Natural Dermatologically tested Suitable for all skin types Especially effective for sensitive and allergic skin Free of colourants Free of petrochemicals, alchohols, and mineral oils Free of preservatives Free of perfume Certified natural essential oils are used Certified natural ingredients are used Includes the patented plant active CHD-FA' Sensitivity can be brought on by a variety of factors from skin care products that are too harsh for the skin in terms of fragrances and ingredients; fluctuations in hormone levels; environmental or weather conditons; and lifestyle. By using a gentle product for sensitive skin combined with good lifestyle choices you have the best chance of a healthy glowing skin. Carl von Linn', from Sweden is recognised as one of the fathers of botany. His in-depth intelligence and knowledge of how plant ingredients work inform the product development process. Pelargonium Graveolens Leaf oil balances sebum production. Lavendula Angustifolio promotes rapid healing, is anti-septic and reduces inflammation. 'We bring all our knowledge of plants, nature, chemistry, science and dermatology in an effective product range with high efficacy to address sensitive skin problems.' Wellness Warehouse is highly excited to launch a range of Secuvie products. Not only are they 100% natural but they are also designed for sensitive and problem skin. Secuvie's philosophy is to work gently with the skin providing energy and nutrients effectively giving 'life to your skin'. They are focused on working gently with both humans and the planet. For that reason, only natural products are used. This includes certified natural essential oils and a unique plant acid called CHD-FA '. All products are free from chemicals and preservatives and produced in Sweden. Product use & directions Secuvie products are effective for a daily skincare regime. They are suitable for use by children and adults and can be used during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. SECUVIE FACE The Repair Cleansing Gel provides effective and deep cleansing for morning and evening, skin protection and repair. It can also be used as a make-up remover, toner, mask and exfoliator. The Repair Day & Night cream is used in face, neck and d'colletage. This moisturizer returns skin to its normal balance and elasticity. It adds radiance, protection and hydration. The Repair Eye Cream gently moisturises and assists in the repair of dry skin, pigmentation and skin elasticity. The Repair Booster Serum is used as a spot treatment for dry, cracked and irritated skin. It repairs sores, pigmentation spots and discolouration. It also strengthens connective tissue and refreshes skin. Daily Repair Cream can be used on the face, lips and for spot treatments. It repairs dry skin, extra-dry patches, dry lips and cracked skin or for extra nourishment and replenishment. It works to boost hydration and water retention in problem areas. SECUVIE BODY Repair Body Lotion is for use on the body, legs and arms. It moisturizes, prevents and repairs cracked, dry and irritated skin. It provides energy for the skin cells and increases circulation. Repair Hand Cream provides energy to the skin cells and balances the skin. An easily absorbing cream that moisturizes, prevents and repairs dry, cracked and irritated skin. For more information visit

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