Moving On - by Kirsten Alexander

Fitness fads the world over have drastically changed in the last century; ranging from simple stretches in 1910 to high energy aerobic workouts in 1980, and lately to integrated and creative methods of fitness training like bungee dancing and skateboard Pilates.
Exercise isn't what it used to be and the shift toward an integrated and inspiring workout is sought-after and necessary. Working out is no longer restricted to the confines of a gym or to using large, expensive equipment. Keeping fit has become an extension of our hobbies and interests, and can serve to say so much more about who we are than ever before. Two fitness trends gaining popularity this year are rollerball exercising and drum-stick workouts. We look at these new trends, their benefits and how to get started. ROCK THE ROLLER The thinking behind this fitness routine is that you don't have to push yourself to the brink of exhaustion, or even commit to countless hours at the gym to look and feel your best. These exercises boost the body's natural detox system, getting the lymphatic system going for inner and outer health benefits. This routine is all about quality movement; quick, fun, and easy. It's designed to jumpstart your metabolism, strengthen your core, and detoxify your system to help the body flush fat. All you need for this workout routine is a medium-density foam roller and a quiet space to execute the movements. Rolling stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps flush toxins, gets rid of bloating, and even reduces cellulite. Snow Angels This movement expands your lungs and diaphragm, allowing you to take in more oxygen. It decompresses and aligns your spine, hips, and shoulders, creating more space in your lungs, and helping your body absorb nutrients and generate detoxifying white blood cells. Lie along the length of the foam-roller with your knees up and your feet flat, firmly on the ground. Begin with your arms at your side, hovering above the ground. Extending your arms fingertips outward, move your arms above you, around and up over your head as though you're making snow angels. Repeat movement 10-15 times.  Inverted Leg Series This series of movements helps increase lymphatic flow and bring blood to your kidneys to drain excess fluid, toxins, and stagnant energy. Lie on a flat floor surface across the width of the foam roller, resting with the roller on your lower back, above your gluteal muscles. Raise your knees but bend your legs and begin by raising both legs to a 90 degree angle. Keeping your legs straight, move them downward to a 45 degree angle and lift them up again. Repeat this movement three times. On the last movement toward the ground, lift your right leg to a 90 degree angle, keeping your left leg at 45 degrees.  Move your legs in a butterfly motion one step in front of the other, upward toward the ceiling and keep that motion going as you lower your legs again. Repeat this movement three times. For the last motion in the series, make full circles in the air with your legs extended straight. Repeat this movement three times and finally bring your legs together and your knees to chest to complete the series. Repeat the entire series 10 times.  Rolling Shell This movement is designed to stimulate the liver and kidneys, reducing impurities in the body and enhancing the body's digestion process. Begin with a combination of plank and cobra yoga poses with the foam roller lengthways under your shins and your arms stretched outward as though you're about to do a push-up. Keeping your back straight, roll your knees forward toward your hands until your knees are close to your elbows and the foam roller meets your ankles. Roll back outward until you're back in your starting pose. Repeat this move 10 times. DRUMSTICK JAM SESSION Inspired by the energising and sweat-dripping fun of playing drums, this workout routine (commonly known as Pound) transforms drumming movements into an incredibly effective way of working out. Using lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, the routine combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and Pilates-inspired movements. The beauty of this workout means you're distracted from the intensity and duration of your routine, because your focus automatically shifts to rhythm, volume and keeping the beat. Each 2-4 minute song used is carefully calibrated with interval peaks providing the best workout in the shortest span of time. With each 45-minute class, you'll have completed up to 15,000 reps, performed over 30 extended interval peaks, and gone through more than 70 techniques without realising it. This workout routine is designed to improve agility, coordination and strength. It's also a deceptively brilliant cardio workout. While you won't cover much ground, your whole body will be moving ' and likely dripping sweat. The routine is suitable for beginners and you can find many drum-stick workout classes online while you wait for the trend to hit the gym. Top 10 Workout Trends For 2017
  1. Wearable technology
  2. Body weight training
  3. High-intensity interval training
  4. Strength training
  5. Yoga
  6. Group training
  7. Exercise as Medicine
  8. Functional fitness training
  9. Older adult fitness training
  10. Worksite health promotion

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