My Wellness Zero Sugar 500g

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  • All Natural Sugar Free Sweetener with Appetite Control
  • Tastes Like SUGAR but its not sugar
  • Low Calorie 1:1 Sweetness with Sugar
  • Perfect for Low Carb and Keto Diets
  • Garcinia Cambogia to assist in cravings
  • No Artificial Additives 


ZERO SUGAR Erythritol+Stevia+Garcinia is the perfect, natural and calorie-free sugar substitute for the kitchen - whether it be baking, cooking or simple sweetening of foods or beverages.

To produce ZERO SUGAR , Stevia has been used in its purest form, derived from the plant "Stevia Rebaudiana" which is originally from South America. In order to achieve an easy dosage and to make the sweetness comparable with normal sugar erythritol was added thereto.

Erythritol is a new sugar substitute, which has no calories and occurs naturally in many vegetables and fruits.

This unique blend makes the product 1:1 as sweet as sugar, and the disadvantages of stevia in regards to bitterness were eliminated through this special blend.

Allergen Free
Blood sugar neutral
Calorie Free
Heat resistant
Warning : Store in a dry and dark place. Excessive consumption may induce laxative effects.


Sweetener erythritol (95%), Garcina Cambogia (4.9%) , stevioglycosid (0,1%),


Sweetener erythritol (95%), Garcina Cambogia (4.9%) , stevioglycosid (0,1%),

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