Panty Liners - Curved 30's

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  • Comfortable & discreet
  • 100& Organic cotton
  • Secure protection


With Natracare panty liners, you only have certified organic 100% cotton next to your delicate skin. Natural, plant-based materials are breathable and soft to keep you comfortable and dry for everyday protection. Like all Natracare products, the liners are free from plastics, perfumes and chlorine, helping you to avoid synthetic materials and skin irritants which are present in so many other feminine hygiene products. Many gynaecologists have advised women with sensitive skin to use Natracare pads to reduce their contact with chlorine bleached materials, synthetic cloth, latex and superabsorbent polymers. Soft, absorbent and shaped for extraordinary comfort.


Organic cotton, cellulose pulp, corn starch. 

Dietary Summary

  • Certified Organic
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Fragrance Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Biodegradable

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