Natural Beauty Know-How


*Conventional cosmetic and personal care products are laden with chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

*Many people are allergic to the chemicals commonly found in conventionally produced products.

*Chemicals, artificial colours and fillers in skincare products can cause redness, irritation and breakouts.

*Parabens are used in conventionally produced health and beauty products as a preservative to extend their shelf life. These are synthetic, and mimic the body’s natural hormones. There is widespread concern that this can alter the functions of the endocrine system.

*While some unnatural products may appear to work better in the beginning, over the long term, the harmful chemicals that made your skin feel cleaner or your hair feel smoother may actually cause damage.

*Making chemical-heavy health and beauty products has a negative effect on the environment, as the chemicals included in the products (and many more) are released into our air and water in the manufacturing process, and even more go down the drain at home.



To be labelled ‘natural’, a product must contain a minimum of 50% plant-based ingredients, and a minimum of 5% of all the ingredients (by weight) must be farmed organically. ORGANIC ‘Organic’ products need to sport a minimum of 95% plant-based ingredients, and a minimum of 10% of all the ingredients (by weight) must come from organic farming. Products are certified as organic by professional bodies like Ecocert and SOIL.


Many commercial skincare products are tested on animals to check for allergic reactions. These practices can cause great discomfort and pain for the animals involved. Beauty Without Cruelty, Leaping Bunny or PETA certification means that a product has not been tested on animals. VEGAN Vegan products do not contain any ingredients derived from animal sources.


The primary sources of gluten in skincare products are hydrolyzed wheat protein and triticum vulgare (wheat germ) oil or extract. A gluten-free product must be tested and certified by a laboratory.


Natural beauty products should NOT contain:


*SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)













“Wellness Warehouse strives to help you live life well but because we are retailers and not medical practitioners we cannot offer medical advice. Please always consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements, complementary medicines or have any health concerns and ensure that you always read labels, warnings and directions carefully, prior to consumption.”