Natural Beauty Secrets

Everybody has their favourite beauty tricks and tips, from a spot remedy to removing under eye bags or simply to freshen up and feel fabulous.
Everybody has their favourite beauty tricks and tips, from a spot remedy to removing under eye bags or simply to freshen up and feel fabulous.

We asked some of our local models to give us their best beauty tips, we collected some from our customers and some from supermodels. It seems everyone is clear on the benefits of drinking lots of water and not going to sleep with make-up on. This is what they came up with.

Miranda Kerr uses a dry body brush every day to promote her lymphatic system, improve circulation and keep her skin feeling softer and smoother (it’s also a great cellulite buster). She drinks water and noni juice to stay hydrated, especially when travelling, and swears by yoga to keep her mind and body rejuvenated.

Lindsey Wixson uses tea tree oil for spots.

Carol Alt believes a mostly raw food diet has been a key to regaining her health and keeping her beauty fresh after surviving cancer. She also avoids all dangerous chemicals in cosmetics like parabens and sulphates.

Christy Turlington recommends yoga as one of the best tools to make sure you look and feel your absolute best at any age.

Veronica Webb uses a home-made face mask made from crushed papaya seeds and sugar-free plain Greek yoghurt to keep her skin consistently radiant.

Esti Ginzburg finds that a capsule of vitamin E opened and rubbed over her lips keeps them hydrated and luscious all day.
Karolina Kirkova adds a few drops of lemon juice in the water she uses to wash her face daily for prolonged radiance.

Allessandra Ambrosio drinks coconut water to hydrate her skin.

Vanessa Haywood believes strongly that you should never leave the house (rain or shine) without sun block on your face, neck, chest, and arms. Eat for beauty with fresh, raw fruits and veggies – it will keep your complexion young. Never sleep with make-up or sunblock on. It clogs up your pores especially at night time when your skin and body does all its healing.

Tracey McGregor’s first tip is to drink loads of water, it flushes out your system and keeps your body and skin moisturised from the inside out. Her second tip is to make sure you're religious with your skincare regime. Cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning and the evening and also make sure you apply sun protection. She also believes in a good cleanse before sleep. For make-up tips: Always keep some tinted moisturiser, mascara and lip gloss in your bag, this is a nice ‘quick and easy’ way to freshen up your face without having to go overboard. Use a really good lip conditioner to keep your lips looking great – there’s nothing worse than flaky chapped lips. This also means when you apply lipstick or lip gloss you will look fab!

Roxy Louw believes in drinking water to flush out impurities and hydrate the skin. Go on a detox at least twice a year for the same reason. Moisturise well and use sunscreen.

Genevieve Morton has a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar everyday. She says the biotin it contains is great for hair and nails, it helps with weight loss, detoxes the body and is great for the skin.

Tanya Van Graan is a great fan of exfoliation believing it to be one of the most important ways of achieving great skin, removing dead cells, removing build up and preventing acne. This means your whole body and not just your face. Although sunscreen is important Tanya recommends spending at least ten minutes a day in the sun to get Vitamin D. She believes this is a protective measure against a host of diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease and certain cancers.

Sasha Monique O’Hare from our facebook page says she uses coconut oil for everything.

Dominique Zara Pole also from facebook agrees: “I also use coconut oil for just about everything.  Rosewater and coconut milk makes a really silky bath; honey and pure olive oil makes a good skin moisturiser; honey and brown sugar is a fresh facial and body exfoliator. Egg yolk and lemon juice is an anti-redness facial. When I peel butternut I usually rub the peels on my face too. Not sure if it has any health perks but it feels and smells really good, and besides, having an orange face while cooking is fun.”

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