Naturally Occurring

Kitchen cosmetics can be highly effective when used on the body, and so can simple flowers and plants. Looking at some of the beauty rituals hailing from Greece, we see ample use of olive oil and honey as well as herbs and some fruits. Greek inhabitants were very in tune with beauty and anti-ageing practices, always looking for ways to improve their appearance.

There is evidence of crushed mulberries used for staining cheeks. Clay and flower dyes used as lip colouring and charcoal and oils blended to make eye shadows. Oxen hair was used to increase the thickness of eyebrows or to make unibrows which at some stage were highly fashionable. Honey and olive oil were used extensively in cosmetic and anti-ageing formulas. The wild olive tree was considered sacred, women would oil their entire bodies with olive oil sometimes mixing it with honey.

Other oils like almond and sesame when used on the body are also known to have grounding and emotional effects. Almond oil revitalises muscles and nerves. It also has anti-aging qualities and is especially good when mixed with sesame oil. Closer to home we have highly effective ingredients like aloe and lavender, baobab, marula, kalahari melon, moringa, argan and rooibos. One thing about using natural forms of cosmetics is that you can be assured there are no hidden chemicals or preservatives in them.

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