Norah's Valley De-Alcoholised Wines Silk 750ml

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  • 100% vegan friendly (made from plant enzymes)
  •  60% fewer calories than regular wine


Mission statement: "To create great tasting beverages that promote a healthy, responsible lifestyle."

Norah's Valley has all the benefits of wine without the negatives of alcohol.

Norah's Valley is made from export grade Sauvignon blanc wine that is vegan friendly. The alcohol is removed via a spinning cone technology. Norah's Valley has less than 0.3% alcohol, which is less than a ripe banana.

Norah's Valley is not wine and it is not grape juice. It is deliciously in-between.

Consumers can now enjoy a beverage anytime and not be concerned about drinking under the influence.

Benefits of drinking Norah's Valley include:

- 100% vegan friendly (made from plant enzymes)
- high anti-viral properties
- lowers cholesterol
- 60% fewer calories than regular wine
- reduction in cardiovascular disease
- lowers blood pressure
- reduction in diabetes
And many more!


Grapes, yeast, pectolitic enzymes, suphite, concentrated grape juice


Served Chilled, please keep in refrigerator

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