On Our Bookshelf

One upside of being under lockdown is the opportunity to catch up on some reading!

Here's what our team members have to say about some of their current favourite titles...


Amir Levine & Rachel Heller | Pan Macmillan

Healthy and happy relationships are essential to our wellbeing, but they can be difficult to navigate. Attached breaks down the science of attachment theory, one of the critical aspects of relationship science, to help you understand how you interact with the people around you. This essential book uses psychology, case studies and quizzes to unpack the three distinct types of attachment, helping you identify which category you and your significant other fall into, and allowing you to take control of your relationships and yourself.


Julia Bell & Paul Magrs | Macmillan

Creative writing professors Julia Bell and Paul Magrs have gathered advice, tips and tricks from over 40 different authors to help you write like a professional. Practical exercises and invaluable snippets of insider knowledge are divided into three essential stages of writing – gathering, shaping and finishing – to guide you through the process of collecting notes and research, compiling your work, and getting it out into the world. Whether you are just starting out or simply want to refine your skills, this is the perfect book for any aspiring writer.


Dyan Belonje | Quickfox Publishing

Dyan Belonje is an integrative healer and counsellor with a wealth of knowledge about the human body and, perhaps more importantly, the human soul. With beautiful and charming prose, Under the Olive Tree brings together science and spirituality to explore the soul’s journey through life, with all the ups and downs that it presents. Having experienced neglect, trauma, failed relationships and a near-death experience, Belonje provides essential advice and wisdom to guide you through whatever obstacles you may face.


Matt Preston | Pan Macmillan Australia

More stands apart from the plethora of plant-based recipe books that are on the market today with its focus on taste, the pleasures of cooking, and its ‘no-sacrifice’ approach to a healthy and environmentally-conscious diet. Preston presents the perfect guide for those of us who want to decrease our carbon footprint and introduce more fruit and veggies into our diet, while still enjoying flavourful and substantial meals. He even provides a ‘meat appendix’ with tips and tricks for how best to cook different types of meat, and how to go about pairing them with his recipes. Perfect for anyone working on decreasing meat consumption, but not yet ready to say goodbye to steak!


Bill Bryson | Doubleday

World-renowned author Bill Bryson has done it again with his new masterpiece, which unpacks the mystery of the human body in a fun and approachable way. The Body breaks down everything we need to know, from how we can increase our life expectancy to the unidentified bacteria found in our belly buttons. Bryson consulted hundreds of scientific articles, biologists and physicians to piece together this essential ‘owner’s manual’, which is packed with astonishing facts and personal anecdotes.


Jessica Sepel | Macmillan

In today’s world of fad diets, widespread body insecurity and societal pressure, Jessica Sepel’s The 12 Step Mind-Body-Food Reset is a welcome respite. Practical advice is married with moving personal anecdotes about Sepel’s journey with her body and eating habits. What emerges is an authentic and raw reflection on the emotional aspects of eating and the unhealthy relationship that so many of us have with food. Her hard-won wisdom is punctuated with healthy and nutritious recipes, offering a host of tools to transform your relationship with your diet, body and self.

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