Oryx Desert Salt Grinder 100g

by Oryx
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As nature intended ' no additives, no anti-clumping agents, no preservatives. Dried by the hot African desert sun. Unrefined and unprocessed. 


Oryx Desert Salt has all the essential minerals and trace elements that exist naturally in salt, including magnesium, zinc and potassium. It provides your body with the correct balance of these minerals, as nature intended, so they can be utilised and absorbed for optimal vitality and health.   essential for your bodylong lasting, smooth grind
  • Wholefood ' natural,unrefined, sundried salt , free from chemicals or additives
  • Contains vital minerals& trace elements, perfectly balanced by nature ' recognized and
  • Great value ' our ceramic-headed grinders can be refilled more than 10 times and offer Local + sustainable ' from a renewable source in a pristine and remote part of the Kalahari Desert
  • Gentle, full flavored taste' endorsed and loved by many top chefs

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