Okay, right from the start I'm just going to say it out loud. VAGINA. There you go. It's not unusual for me to wonder how readers will react to an article about the vagina. There's a kind of taboo that most people grow up with when it comes to the sexual organs or speaking about sexuality. The 'taboo' resonates from society and has a certain stigma. But in effect, the vagina is an amazing versatile muscular tube with some incredible functions and deserves to be, not only spoken about but celebrated too. A group of women are making it easier by introducing an ancient practice from the East that exercises the pelvic muscles and adds a dose of sensuality and pleasure to the mix. It's a practice that involves using an egg shaped piece of jade placed in the vagina as a point of awareness to perform exercises that increase familiarity and knowledge of the muscles and contractions. Most of us have heard of Kegel exercises where we're told to contract and release the muscles you're familiar with when you need to hold in a pee. The benefits are usually described in a rather unglamorous way and cover things like preventing incontinence or urinary leakage. The jade egg has similar benefits but the focus is more beautifully placed on sensuality and sacred attention. It's an ancient Taoist tradition with centuries of practice behind it. It's also a practice that very often assists women in a journey of healing, and a way to be more sensually receptive and spiritually connected. It's sometimes called the path of the yoni, which is a Sanskrit word for vagina or womb but has symbolic connotations with creation and regeneration. Oh, and as far as the jade egg practice goes, did I mention increased orgasmic experience, easier childbirth and a pathway to retaining youth? For more information visit

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