Plant Protein Power House

I have had the privilege of supplementing my diet and training with the super plant-based 3-in-1 protein powder from Dr. Boxall’s.

The superfood contains a powerhouse combo of sceletium, hemp seed powder and moringa.

I’d never tried a post-workout protein drink before encountering the product, and the results have been evident.

My body adapted really well to the drink, shaping up much faster than before. I now agree with Dr. Boxall’s assertion that sceletium is a top organic, native, traditional medicinal ingredient that can help the body absorb eight times more nutrients from a healthy diet.
I drink half a scoop of the Sceletium, Hemp & Moringa Powder in a smoothie after my boxing sessions et voila - better muscle recovery and less overall post-workout pain.

It’s a game changer of a superfood, which I now can’t live without. My secret weapon in reaching my #bodygoals and #summerbody.


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