Pure Beauty Rules

There are so many reasons to replace your chemical-laden personal care products with equally effective natural alternatives. Natural products work with (rather than against) the skin, don't make use of the harmful parabens that can alter the functions of your body's endocrine system, show the best results over the long term, and are better for the environment to boot. 

Chemicals, artificial colours and fillers in skincare products can cause redness, irritation and breakouts. Many people are even allergic to the chemicals commonly found in conventionally produced products. Natural skincare and body products, on the other hand, work with your skin, rather than against it.

Moreover, parabens are used in conventionally produced health and beauty products as a preservative to extend their shelf life. These are synthetic, and mimic your body's natural hormones. There is widespread concern that this can alter the functions of your body's endocrine system. Natural health and beauty products use natural preservatives.

While some unnatural products may appear to work better in the beginning, over the long-term, the harmful chemicals that made your skin feel cleaner or your hair feel smoother may actually cause damage. Natural products show the best results over the long-term and, most importantly, remain gentle and harmless throughout.

Making chemical-heavy health and beauty products has a negative effect on the environment, as the chemicals included in the products (and many more) are released into our air and water in the manufacturing process, and even more go down your drain at home. When ingredients for natural health and beauty products are farmed and manufactured organically, fewer harmful chemicals are released into the environment.

Soothe your skin and the earth with the healthier natural choice! 

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