Pure Beauty Rules by Lara Potgieter

Being truly beautiful can include caring for your body, mind and spirit in a way that respects the earth and all its beings.
PLANT POWER Choosing vegan personal care products means avoiding animal by-products and taking a stand against animal testing. Vegan beauty products are also better suited to sensitive skin, since they tend to have fewer ingredients and one's that are cleaner to boot. Opting for vegan skincare that's also organic means you'll be treating your skin without any harmful artificial additives. Dr. Konopka's Regenerating Face Mask Dr. Konopka's little herbal company has created a naturally repairing mask with sage oil, wild rose extract and a range of vitamins and minerals essential for skin nourishment and hydration. Back 2 Nature Witch Hazel & Rose Water Toner A fragrant natural toner that helps to tighten and tone the capillaries just below the skin, shrinking pores, reducing redness and soothing irritated skin. It's also a great refresher for dull or tired skin. Organic Shop Mango & Sugar Body Scrub Slough off dead skin cells and achieve a natural glow while enjoying the sweet fragrance of Kenyan mango with this fruity body scrub. FLORAL FRAGRANCE It is possible to avoid skin sensitivity, environmental damage and animal testing while still using a high-quality perfume. Natural perfumes ranges from simple, single-note florals to complex blends of flowers, woods, resins and spices. They work with the body to enhance its unique scent, and have been used as aromatherapy mood boosters for centuries. Fleurs de Bach Eau de Parfum Fragrance your body and uplift your mind with the power of Bach flower essences. Available in a range of formulations to calm, energise, ground and stimulate, the unique combinations of fresh and floral fragrances in these natural perfumes will help you smell wonderful and feel naturally uplifted. NATURAL YOUTH With a plethora of new high-performance natural anti-ageing products on the market, it's finally possible to achieve smoother skin, plumper cheeks, fewer wrinkles, an improved complexion and faded age spots without the toxic additives. Ingredients like vitamin A, marula oil, willow bark, aloe vera, devil's claw, rooibos, honeybush and more are all great nourishers for sensitive mature skin. Skoon Retinin Minipot This is a powerful resurfacing moisturiser formulated with natural and organic anti-ageing ingredients to help provide micro-relief for skin texture and to refine clarity. Suitable for mature, sensitive and breakout-prone skins, it's a great all-round face saver. Esse Ageless Serum This anti-ageing organic facial serum uses aloe vera, devil's claw, olive leaf extract, probiotics and more to improve the strength of capillary walls, aid in tissue repair and firm the skin in the long-term.

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