Pure O2 Oxygen Gas Canister 500ml

by Pure O2
Credit: from R19 per month


  • Natural energy that is stimulant free
  • Relieves anxiety and promotes healing
  • Improves athletic performance and sharpens focus


Pure O2 is 95% concentrated oxygen that is inhaled from the can. Each can contains more than 4 times the amount of oxygen found in normal everyday air (21%). The principle of oxygen supplementation stems from the practices of meditation and martial arts where, power, focus and healing is amplified through the art of breathing. Pure O2 supports: Well Being - Relieves anxiety, promotes healing - Detoxifies the blood of impurities - Remedies Hangovers - Counters the signs of ageing Physical performance - Provides natural energy - Improves Athletic Performance - Rapid recovery after intense physical exertion. Focus - Sharpens memory, concentration and alertness Hiking - Essential to any hike above 1700m above sea level - Noticeable improvements in physical performance at high altitudes. - Relieves the symptoms of altitude sickness - Reduces the effects of jet-lag Pure O2 is a natural aid to help achieve the optimum mental and physical state to perform at peak levels. Pure O2 contains no calories, sugars, caffeine or stimulants. Pure O2 uses the body's existing energy more efficiently.


93-95% oxygen, balance being Nitrogen and Mint flavouring.


Oxygen itself is not flammable, however it vigorously accelerates combustion and flames. Do not use or store Pure O2 canisters near flames, sparks, heat fuels or combustible material. Canister temperature should not exceed 52 degrees celsius. Do not use the product continuously for 8hrs, IE. breathe every breath of Pure O2 continuously for 8 hrs. Pure O2 products are for recreational, intermittent use only. This product is not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease or medical condition. Not intended for anyone with Asthma, lung ailments or heart problems It is recommended that children only use with adult supervision Not to be used during Pregnancy or Lactation Always consult a physician or medical practitioner before using this product.


Can will feel empty, since oxygen is weightless. Remove tamper proof seal before opening Hold can 2cm away from mouth Start breathing in, then press down on the trigger. Press trigger down for 1 sec at a time while breathing in. (1 shot) Take 2-3 shots before any physical or mental challenge. This is a guide and one can take as many shots as desired until revitalized.

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