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Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Dear H

Thank you for your question. I think that you are in a very dangerous position in the sense that the treatment plans you keep being prescribed are in fact probably contributing to the prolonging of the imbalance that underlies the disease process in your son. If you continue with this routine of pharmaceuticals every three months by the time your son turns 5 his immune system will probably be in quite a depressed state.

My recomendations to you would be to firstly find a practitioner who will try to heal the immune system and not keep treating the symptomatic infections. You are more than welcome to contact me at www.healthnation.co.za if you would like to set up an individual appointment. The reason I suggest finding an understanding practitioner is because there are a multitude of treatment protocols that boost immune functioning, too many to discuss in this reply.

Secondly I would begin with his food - cut out all forms of immune-taxing foods like sugar, gluten, dairy, preservatives and artificial flavourants and sweeteners. Secondly change your probiotic to something more targted at healing and not just maintaining health. Thirdly, under supervision of your health care practitioner, I would begin trying cycles of healing botanical herbals that have been shown to boost immune functioning. Additionally consider a strong high-grade omega 3 supplement at double doses.

I would also ask you practioner to exclude any functional anatomical abnormalities that could be contributing to the upper respiratory tract being more susceptible to multiple infections.

Many thanks and warm regards

Yesheen Singh


Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Dear L

Thank you for your question. In a baby this young I would recommend seeking a consultation so that the practitioner can examine the baby and ascertain where the specific problem lies. In the interim I would recommend continuing with the saline drops but I would consider adding some Tea Tree oil to her humidifier. A method I prefer especially for kids is to simply use a bowl of hot water with a couple of drops of the oil in it. Hold the child over the rising steam with a towel over their heads. This is more direct and more faster than a room humidifier.

The first supplement/medicine I would recommend would be a good broad spectrum probiotic. This often proves to be enough of an immune stimulus to assist the baby to overcome the infection she is current;y dealing with. Any probiotic from the fridge section of your health shop will suffice - empty the capsule into her first bottle of the day for at least a month.

If she develops a fever that refuses to come down despite lukewarm washing and paracetamol syrup, or if she stops feeding or seems less conscious I would strongly recommend taking her through to your paediatrician, GP pr emergency room for a consult immediately.

Many thanks and warm regards


Angela Lombard Nursing Practitioner View profile

Dear Cindy

Many thanks for your queries, and yes I most certainly can help you.

Your son is definitely teething and this can be a very uncomfortable process for your little one. The excess fluid in his ear and the pulling and rubbing of his ear is an indication that he has referred discomfort and possible pain radiating from the gums to the ear(s). His sleeping pattern is disrupted because he is so uncomfortable, and then of course this compounds on you as his mum.

The following works very well for babies when teething. It is a homeopathic approach using tissue salts, completely safe, non addictive, works well and parallel if allopathic medicine needs to be added, and there are no side effects. Tissue salts work with vibrationary energy healing and are suitable for the newborn right up to the elderly. This is for the clinical picture you have given :

CALC FLUOR tissue salts No. 1, given as x 1 crushed tablet and added to a little filtered or cooled boiled water. Do this 3 times a day before a feed. Calc Fluor's primary function is for elasticity. It will assist the tooth to cut through the gums comfortably instead of edging and itching its way out of the gum.

CALC PHOS tissue salts No. 2, given as x1 crushed tablet prepared exactly as above and added to the Calc Fluor. Calc Phos's primary function is to build solid dentine and enamel. It also acts as an analgesic for toothache.

Because of the excess fluid in the ear, and ultimately looking at preventing toxins passing from the gums to the respiratory system and then the posibility of diarrhoea, all due to teething, I would like you to use the SISTER LILLIAN TISSUE SALT RANGE as there is an in-built probiotic in her formulation which will help to prevent any mucous collection due to the toxins settling, thereby eliminating this excess through the urine. Your son will be visibly soothed and even may go into a sleep - this is due to the vibrationary energy healing.

Once his teething has settled you can reduce his intake to the same dosage, only twice a day.

You could also add the RESCUE REST at night, from the same range (Sister Lillian). Crush x2 tablets and prepare separately, or with his last dose of tissue salts for the evening. This will help him to sleep. You can take it too!

During the day if you wanted to, you could rub his gums with good old ASTON PARSON'S POWDER - this remedy has been around along time and works. When rubbing the powder onto the gums, rub it onto the top gum, and onto the inner and outer part of the gum, and also the same with the lower gums. Try and steer clear of Teejel as it can become addictive. Teethers are fantastic to have for baby - always have two - one in the fridge and the other available for use.

I do hope that he will be more comfortable soon, and that you both get some sleep. All the best of luck!

Warmest regards


Megan (dr.) Jones Homeopath View profile

This is a very fundamental time of your child’s life for immune system development. It is important to offer supportive treatment at this stage, to aid healthy development of the natural immune response, to aid in lifelong disease-fighting ability.

When children start attending creche they are moving from a relatively isolated germ environment to one teeming with germs and infections, with repeat exposure. Thus we can’t treat with antibiotics for each infection, we must rather strengthen the child’s ability to fight off these infections themselves.

I recommend a daily immune booster such as Zinplex syrup or Propoltot, to be taken for a period of time. When the child does acquire an infection I suggest visiting a Homoeopath or other health professional. Alternatively, especially at the beginning stages, there are numerous over the counter products available for colds, flu, coughs and mucous, from Natura (Gripless, Pentagen) or Pegasus (Cold & flu, Mucodrainol).

Homoeopathic treatment strengthens the child’s constitution and is very effective and fast-acting for acute conditions such as colds & flu, ear infections, tonsillitis etc. It must also be stated that there is a time and place for antibiotics and an alternative health professional will refer to a GP in such cases.

Warm regards,

Dr. Megan Jones, Registered Homoeopath
Sean (dr.) Gomes Medical Doctor View profile

The fact hat she is playing and eating well is positive. The rash could be related to an infection/temperature (rashes are often linked to viral infections which are one of the more common causes of ear infections). She may or may not require treatment for this. It is best to keep an eye on her, ensure that she continues to eat well and keeps hydrated. Check her temperature and if her temperature becomes high, then she may in deed have developed an ear infection. Given her history of eczema, the oozing could also be related to eczema, an if this is the case it could mean that the skin is infected. Should this be so, she should visit her usual practitioner for an examination. So my advice is watch and see. If she becomes unsettled or her fever increases, go see your doctor for a check-up. Hope she gets better soon. Kind regards. Dr Sean Gomes

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