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Sameera (dr.) Abbas Naturopath View profile

I am assuming you are using the Alkaline powder because your pH levels are actually very low, meaning your body is very acidic. Numerically the pH scale is from 0-14,with 7 being neutral. The higher the value the more alkaline, the lower the value the more acidic.

It is okay to use the Alkaline powder but you should also look at changing your diet & lifestyle. Avoid acid-forming foods & drinks such as caffeine, alcohol, fatty fried foods, soda drinks, sugars, processed meats, peanuts & peanut butter, cheese, butter, white bread, white pasta, foods containing white flour and bran.

Increase your intake of alkaline-forming foods such as your Greens (barley grass, wheat grass, spinach, alfalfa, broccoli, etc), whey protein, tofu, almonds, berries, soured dairy products and molasses.

Stress can also be a contributing factor to an increase in body acidity. If stress plays a significant role in your life, to help combat stress exercise regularly and try some relaxation techniques (walking, yoga, meditation).

The following supplements help make the body more alkaline:

Alkaplex Green caps (Enzyme Process)
Green Power powder (The Real Thing)
Phyto Complete powder (Metagenics) - a superfood containing broad-spectrum anti-oxidants, whole food concentrates, green foods & more

I hope this helps and if you need any further advice please feel free to visit our Natural Pharmacy.


Dr Sameera Abbas

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