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Melissa Usher Dietician View profile

Dear Angelica

Many thanks for your query.

I can most certainly consult with you on an individual basis to discuss your dietary requirements for GERD.

Please contact me on the following email address: melissa@thefoodexpert.co.za to discuss the matter further.

Kind regards,


Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Dear N

Thank you for your question. Form the little information you provide it sounds like you may have an acid reflux problem or an incompetent valve between your oesophagus and stimach, allowing stomach acid to leak upwards. I would need to conduct a fool history and examination before I would confirm a diagnosis and offer any solutions.

You can contact me via www.healthnation.co.za for an appointment. In the interim try to reduce foods and drinks that increase stomach acid production (animal products, alcohol, smoking) and increase your intake of alkalising foods - i.e. green vegetables.

Many thanks and warm regards

Yesheen Singh

Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Dear A

Thank you for your question. The symptoms you describe are suggestive of a difficulty breaking down the food you ingest into its basic components and then transporting those across your gut membrane into your blood stream. This could be due to IBS but there are a host of other conditions that may result in a similar clinical condition. Research "Leaky Gut Syndrome" for one of the more prevalent conditions in today's modern society.

With regards to treatment I would firstly suggest a proper consultation. Because of the various processes involved in the breakdown and absorption of your food there are several possible causes, each with a unique approach to management and treatment. As a general approach eliminating wheat and dairy are a step in the right direction. The addition of supplemental digestive enzymes may also be of use, as would the use of additional HCL. I would recommend a digestive acid tolerance test and then take it from there.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at healthnation.co.za for further information. Your digestive system is a key role player in your body and it is no surprise that you feel exhausted and anxious. If you aren't getting the appropriate nutritional building blocks for vibrant health then your body is unable to maintain a healthy balance.

Many thanks and warm regards


Gabriell (dr.) Prinsloo Medical Doctor View profile

Your symptoms could be exaggerated in response to physiological changes that take place during pregnancy or they could be a coincidental occurrence. It is safe to take Probiflora during pregnancy, so go ahead and take it. Also pay attention to what you are eating – if there are certain foods that increase the symptoms then avoid those foods for now. Eating yoghurt and foods containing fibre will also be very beneficial.

If you are still having symptoms after taking the Probiflora, then let me know and I can advise you further. There are very good stool tests that can be done to diagnosis the specific reason for the symptoms that you are having. These are available in Cape Town but I am not sure about other areas.

Good luck

Dr Gabriell Prinsloo

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