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Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Dear C

Thank you for your question. Thrush or vaginal candidiasis is not an unusual side-effect of women who are using any form of hormonal contraception. The hormones lead to an imbalance in the healthy bacterial colonies on the membranes lining your gynaecological system, opening the door to invaders such as Candida. In your case the oral contraceptive pill probably had a higher level of change on your membranes than the injection, because the blood levels of the synthetic hormones are higher, and thus you developed thrush when you switched from injection to pill. In other women they experience thrush irrespective of whether they use the pill or the injection.

Sterilisation will indirectly be of help to you thrush problem in the sense that it will remove the need for you to continue with any form of hormonal contraception. Allowing your body to return to a more natural balance will encourage the replacement of unhealthy organisms with healthier ones on your membrane surface. I would recommend, in addition to the sterilisation procedure, a diet that eliminates all forms of sugar, processed flour, alcohol and yeast-containing products such as blue cheeses, together with a proper Candida and parasite cleanse. The most important supplement you should be on though is a strong probiotic, preferably one stored in the fridge section. Use double the recommended dose for a month to catch up and push out the Candida organisms and then once daily on an empty stomach before breakfast for the rest of your life.

If you require a more detailed plan of action please contact us at www.healthnation.co.za

Many thanks and warm regards


Gabriell (dr.) Prinsloo Medical Doctor View profile

Oh dear, that sounds most frustrating and uncomfortable!

It is possible that you have an overgrowth of Candida in the gut, so no matter how much you remove it from the vagina you just get reinfected from the gut.

The way to diagnose this is with a stool test which will quantify the Candida levels in the gut. However you could just treat it and see what happens. You could either take an oral course of fluconazole, or you could go the natural method and use Citricidal or Candibactin for about a month. Either way you would need to follow an anticandida (low sugar) diet for a few months. You will be able to find this on the internet.

I would recommend that you visit an integrative GP or naturopath who can guide you in this process. Often if there are large quantities of Candida in the body, one experiences detox symptoms as they start breaking down.

Warm regards


Angela Lombard Nursing Practitioner View profile

Good - I am very glad that you returned to your doctor for a follow up appointment. Again he has approached the situation correctly for you - i.e. he is making doubly sure that your infection is eliminated by treating not only yourself, but your Fiancé as well. It really is important that your Fiancé takes the medicine prescribed, otherwise there would be a strong possibility that the infection could very well return and then you would start all over again with the same problem! Show him this e-mail, and should you both need further clarification, you can always telephone me - he does need to understand the importance of taking the medication please. If it is of any consolation, infections of this nature where both partners need to be treated is quite common. As a couple, you are by no means an isolated case. Good luck! Kind regards, Angela, Nursing Practitioner.

Reena Sukdev Homeopath View profile

At this point, in preparation for your pregnancy you will have to
understand why you are getting recurring vaginal thrush rather than to keep repeating antibiotics as this is not a solution-just a temporary fix. What is happening is that there is an imbalance of bacteria within the vagina. Your “good” bacteria is outnumbered by your “bad” bacteria. Using antibiotics regularly to solve this problem also wipes out the “good” bacteria. Their absence will lead to the pH in the vagina not being kept to normality and this only allows the “bad” bacteria to flourish again and again. So instead of being open to future attacks, lets consider some of your options to treat the cause. Firstly, you should take probiotics and continue this throughout pregnancy. A good effective probiotic is Amipro Ultra Flora. This will help bring back the “goo” bacteria and thereby help keep the “bad” bacteria at bay. Other factors that contribute to this imbalance can be
incorrect diet, oral contraceptives, tight clothing, poor hygiene and diabetes.
You absolutely need to control it with diet.I am assuming you have a good understanding of a diet programme as you were able to control it before. The food that you eat can play a crucial role in preventing and treating your condition. Ensure you wear cotton underwear. Avoid tight clothing and synthetic fabrics. Get your sugar levels tested. Diabetics often struggle to keep yeast under control. The use of perfumed soaps, shower and bath additives,vaginal deodorants may also encourage yeast to grow so re look at these areas and consider more natural chemical free options. Wellness stocks Crede Organic coconut Oil which you will find to be of great benefit to you. It will help you to
fight off yeast infections. It contains lauric and caprylic acid which will help boot your immune system. Using it throughout your
pregnancy will not only benefit you but also your baby. For further advice, please feel free to visit us at the NaturalMed Dispensary or make an appointment at the WellClinic at our Kloof Street Branch. Regards Dr Reena Sukdev (Resident Homeopath, Cavendish)

Sean (dr.) Gomes Medical Doctor View profile

It could be that the initial Candida infection has not been effectively treated. Sometimes the Candida can require a few courses of treatment. It could also be that the Candida was resistant to the particular anti-fungal used. If your doctor performed a swab, then he should have the exact sensitivities. It could also be that your partner may need treatment. Sometimes, your partner could have a asymptomatic fungal infection and even though you have been treated, he could re-infect you. It is also possible that you have now developed a UTI and need antibiotic treatment for it. I would recommend that you see your doctor again and mention the above points. He should be able to rule out a bacterial UTI with a simple urine test as well as prescribe an anti-fungal for your partner if needs be. Regards Dr Sean Gomes MD

Felicia Rubin Pharmacist View profile

You have a very common condition which can prove to be persists & not that easy to eradicate.
The combination of supplements that you are taking is not unusual, including the Candida diet you are following. You should continue this regime.
In my experience, Oregano Capsules will certainly make a difference. I often alternate with Citricidal. This is a Candida/Parasite combination.
Olive Leaf , Probiotics , as well as a probiotic vaginal tablet can be used. Tampons should be avoided. Consider using a douche with Tea Tree.
Colostrum, by Enzyme Process is also recommended as an immune booster.
I have mentioned many options, but it would be advantageous to visit Wellness Warehouse Natural Dispensary either Kloof Street, or Cavendish Connect, Claremont, where your specific needs would be addressed.
Best wishes,

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