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Back Pain

Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Dear A

Thank you for your question. It is very short and I do not think I will be able to offer you an informed opinion without further detail. Possible diagnosis that come to mind include sciatica, lumbar or sacral spine problems, muscular or tendon issues, haemorrhoids or anal fissures and nutritional imbalances. I recommend visiting your practitioner for a proper consultation.

Many thanks and warm regards


Gabriell (dr.) Prinsloo Medical Doctor View profile

Unfortunately it is difficult to tell what is wrong without a full history and examination. Important things to look at would include how long you’ve had it, exactly where it is, what happened when it started and if you have any cough, shortness of breath or any other related symptoms. Examination would also be very important.

It does sound more muscular. Tension headaches (which feel like a tight pressing band around the head) also occur as a result of muscle tightness. Have you been quite stressed lately? Pain killers and muscle relaxants don’t always work for muscle tension, however I am surprised that there is no response to physiotherapy.

Did your Dr and your physio have the same diagnosis? If they did chat with them about what else you can do. If there is still no improvement or you are not convinced of the diagnosis then I suggest going to someone else for a second opinion.

Good luck!

Dr Gabriell Prinsloo

Garth (dr.) Roberts Chiropractor View profile

Referred pain into the thigh which is is affected by bending is almost certainly originating from your lumbar spine.The chiropractor that is currently treating you will be best placed to advise you on how long you need to refrain from physical activity that could make your diagnosis and prognosis worse.With referred pain down the leg ,your injury will more than likely involve a disc ( and is initially ,always treated as such ). Disc herniations can take weeks and even months for symptoms to improve and continue healing long after your symptoms have cleared up. Where symptoms persist and the condition is slow to respond to treatment, Xrays are indicated, followed by MRI scan and orthopaedic referral should conservative treatment protocols such as chiropractic, physiotherapy and rehabilitative core muscle strengthening exercises fail to sort it out.

Kind regards

Dr Garth Roberts (Chiropractor, Wellclinic, Kloof Street)

Garth (dr.) Roberts Chiropractor View profile

It has been four months since first injuring what sounds like your lower back and / or your sacroiliac joint. As it has not healed naturally with the passage of time, now would be a good time to get a definitive diagnosis. I suggest you consult a chiropractor or physiotherapist who deal routinely with your type of complaint, they will be able to refer you for an X-ray if deemed necessary ,and then perform the appropriate treatment and management. They would also be ideally positioned to refer you to the appropriate medical specialist if the diagnosis fall beyond their scope of practice. In the interim ,avoid all heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity until you have see a practitioner. The WellClinic has just introduced some additional services. A chiropractor will be available at the clinic on Mon & Thurs afternoons 2 -7 pm, Tues & Wed mornings 9 -1pm. Please contact the Natural Medicine Dispensary on 021 487 5425 if you would like to make an appointment.


Dr Garth Roberts (Chiropractor)

Chase (dr.) Webber Naturopath View profile

Spinal nerve injury is a serious problem and I would recommend that you adhere to the recommendations especially since it is visible on the MRI scan. You need to give it a rest so that the inflammation can reduce and the spinal discs can normalise to relieve the pressure currently causing the pinching. I would advise you consult with a specialist physio to show you safe movements and how to stabilize and strengthen your core muscles, then once the spine starts to normalize you can start with some low impact exercise such as cycling in the gym. regards Dr Chase Webber ND

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