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Knee Problems

Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Dear R

Thank you for your question. It sounds like you've been around the block with this issue. I have to say that the brief history you provide is not really enough for me to offer an informed opinion. There are several conditions that could cause the symptoms you present with, from a simple mineral deficiency to a more complex nerve or rheumatological disorder. Without a proper history, examination and some testing I cannot answer any of the questions you have asked.

I would recommend making an appointment by calling 076-229-4662 if you would like to pursue this concern with me.

Many thanks and warm regards


Garth (dr.) Roberts Chiropractor View profile

Unfortunately knees, like any other joint can wear out over time. Medically we refer to this as osteoarthritis which is simple wear and tear over time.This will vary with each individual depending on previous sports ,working conditions ,genetic predisposition ,weight and previous injuries.There are of course other possible differential diagnoses such as rheumatoid arthritis ,but one would need more information and a clinical examination.

My advice is that you consult your chiropractor, physiotherapist or GP and after examining your knees and taking a detailed case history, they will send you for an X-Ray and /or blood test, which will explain your symptoms. If the diagnosis is arthritis ( osteo - or rheumatoid), there are various natural supplements that one can take, strengthening exercises and pharmaceutical products which will help. A full lower limb (special attention to feet), pelvis and lumbar spine assessment should be performed by the chiropractor or physio, it is possible that the cause of your knee pain has its origin with dysfunctional biomechanics in the feet, hip or back.

Kind regards

Dr Garth Roberts (Chiropractor)

Sean (dr.) Gomes Medical Doctor View profile

I would definitely recommend you go and see either your GP or a knee specialist as what you describe is not normal and needs to be further assessed. I can’t diagnose without examining, but it could be that as a result of your previous accident, some wear and tear and the way you got out of your car, you have most likely done some damage to either the cartilage or ligaments in your knee. Adopt the RICE treatment protocol until you see your doctor (RICE stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation). You can also take some simple analgesics such as Paracetamol and Neurofen to help with pain and swelling. Regards Dr Sean Gomes

Sean (dr.) Gomes Medical Doctor View profile

Your doctor has given you the appropriate treatment and advice for the moment. However, from your previous history of three arthroscopies, it is likely there has been further wear and tear ,and you will require some manual treatment along with the anti inflammatories and rest your GP has prescribed.

My suggestion is that you see either our chiropractor or physio who will assess it and restore full range of motion by manually mobilising the knee and reduce pain and inflammation through iceing and heat protocols.

An MRI scan at the Sports Science Institute ( it is the most economical option for a scan ,approx. R1000 ) may be recommended depending on how you improve with conservative care. Orthopaedic consultation is an option if physical therapy ( chiro /physio) is unsuccessful and scan results suggest surgical intervention is necessary.

From your symptoms it sounds like there is either a loose piece of articular cartilage and /or swelling (for various reasons) that is interfering with the normal mechanics of the joint ,this would need to be confirmed clinically and treated as mentioned above.


Dr Garth Roberts (Resident Chiropractor, WellClinic Kloof)

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