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Leg Swelling

Hello Dr Yesheen

Today (2nd Feb) I discussed my husband (Charl Vorster’s, whose age is 53) condition with Peter and Beryn Daniels from Superfoods - who I believe you know. (I attended their raw food course a while ago). My husband is a diabetic and has now developed oedema in his feet. Peter & B suggested I contact you as I mentioned how difficult it was to find a health practitioner who could monitor the health change process. The feet problem (according to Dr Guy Ashburn (osteopath) is mainly lymph & stems from his knees - i.e. not enough movement caused mainly by lifestyle - he works all day and is doing his MBA so spends far too much time in a sitting position not moving around enough. His diet even suggested by dieticians - is not good. The food pyramid story etc (He is a typical SA meat and potato guy). I have convinced him he needs more live plant foods in his diet etc and would very much like him to transition (i.e. as per Peter and Beryl’s protocol - being plant / enzyme based whole live foods) my reasoning is that the only documented cases of healing / reversing diabetes are as per Dr Gabriel Cousens and Dr Robert Young is the way to go. It is very drastic but feel this needs drastic measures to restore health but needs to be monitored (being diabetic) in the change process. He will never I believe be totally veg but initially he needs to transition to plant and then once health is re-established -reintroduce small amounts of the right kind of meat at intervals. (re his activity he has been getting to gym to at least do some cycling for his knees).

Peter mentioned that you might be opening up in Bergvliet? If so could you advise?

Many thanks for your time and patience reading all this.

Kind regards
Dee Vorster

Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Dear D

Thank you for your message. I think that incorporating increasing amounts of raw living enzyme-rich foods into your diet is certainly a big step in the right direction. From the brief history you provide I think that your husband may need a protocol that is more specific to his unique constellation of symptoms though. I'm happy to read about your consults with an osteopath and a dietician but how are you managing to integrate all the different ideas about health care into one easy-to-apply plan?

I am indeed consulting in the Southern suburbs, at the Steps-To-Health Courtyard until the end of March and thereafter at our brand new Aya transformation center opening on Dreyersdal Rd. You are welcome to call the office at 076-229-4662 if you would like to make an appointment where it would be my pleasure to discuss the case in greater detail.

Warm regards and many thanks


Sean (dr.) Gomes Medical Doctor View profile

If you maintain a healthy, calorie controlled diet and exercise regularly, then this will assist in maintaining a healthy weight. Genetics unfortunately do play a part here as men predominantly carry excess weight around their stomachs and women around their hips, bum and legs. Weight loss is always slower in these regions. (e.g. you will have noticed some men have slim legs, but a big belly) In association with aerobic exercise like walking/running and cycling, leg exercises such a lunges can help tone the legs. Excessive swelling could also be due to water retention which will be influenced by your hormonal cycle. Wellness stocks a range of natural herbal diuretics which could assist if this is the case. Regarding the discrepancy between the legs, this could again be either genetic (for example, one breast is normally bigger than the other) or it could be related to the fact that one of your legs is the more dominant leg (step off first on this leg or use it to get up when you are sitting) and therefore you have more muscle on this leg and looks as though it has more fat on it because it is bigger. Should the difference between the size of the two legs be of a sudden onset, and should you have symptoms and signs of pain or redness, then I would recommend you see your doctor to exclude any sinister causes such as a blood clot (dvt) or cellulitis. Kind regards, Dr Sean Gomes MD

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