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Chase (dr.) Webber Naturopath View profile


Supportive care is the most important treatment for the Sinusitis. It should be aimed at relieving, yet not suppressing the symptoms, and improving the general function of the mucous membranes.

The most effective method for controlling symptoms is to avoid the responsible allergens.

Stay indoors or limit your outside activity when pollen counts are high.

Pollen counts tend to be highest on dry windy days.

Television channels and radio news may offer pollen forecasts during weather reports.

Keep doors and windows closed.

Air conditioning may help, especially if the system features a filtered central system.

Take steps to reduce substances that may aggravate symptoms, such as:

House dust


Animal dander (hair)

Saline nose drops does not cure Sinusitis but they may be used to:

Liquefy nasal discharge

Relieve nasal congestion

Promote nasal drainage

Saline solution can be made by mixing 1/4 teaspoonful of common table salt, in one cup (8 ounces) of water; OTC saline nose drops are also available.

For sore throat

Gargle with warm salt water (1/4 teaspoon of salt added to eight ounces of water) several times a day

Use throat zinc lozenges to soothe inflamed mucous membranes (over 4 years old). Zinc strengthens the mucous membranes.


Short term fasting for the first 24 – 48 hours is advisable if your Sinusitis is closely associated with food allergies, or a leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability)

This results in a significant increase (up to 50%) in immune response, and will help to clear the foreign proteins that have entered the body. The fast should not be continued longer than this since eventually the immune cells energy sources will become depleted.

Ensure that you consume plenty of water and other non-sweetened fluids, such as clear soups and dilute fruit / vegetable juices.

Hot chicken soup has been an effective natural remedy to help clear mucous from the respiratory passages

Clear vegetable soups and broths can be taken as often as necessary to provide liquids and nourishment.

Soups containing onion and garlic are extremely effective in clearing mucous and resolving acute Sinusitis.

If fasting on just fluids is not possible, continue to eat small meals that comprise of wholesome unrefined foods. Please be sure to avoid the following:

Any foods that you are sensitive to, or get allergy reactions from

Sugar and products containing sugar

Saturated fat and products containing saturated fats

Dairy milk products

Alcohol beverages



Consider taking a good Multivitamin / mineral and the following individual supplements or a specific formula blend for Immune balance and mucous membrane health.

Bromelain - an enzyme derived from pineapple, has been reported to relieve symptoms of acute sinusitis. In a double-blind trial, 87% of patients who took bromelain reported good to excellent results.

Vitamin A – plays an essential role in maintaining the integrity of the mucous membranes. Deficiency can lead to Sinusitis.

Vitamin C – improves the resistance of cells and tissues to pollens and foreign protein activity. It regulates the immune system, and calms down unnecessary inflammation.

Vitamin E – regulates the action of the immune system, so as to not become hypersensitive.

Selenium – alleviates Sinusitis by increasing the glutathione peroxidase levels, which play a vital role in detoxicating the excess histamine levels.

Zinc – strengthens the mucous membranes against foreign protein entry thereby preventing the spread of inflammation throughout the mucous membranes.


The following herbal remedies can compliment the lifestyle, dietary and supplemental self-care.

The following herbs have been shown to be helpful in Sinusitis.

Infusions of a mixture of eyebright, plantain, nettle, can be drunk several times a day to soothe the nasal membranes and sore throats. (Herbal Teas)

Ginger and lemon crushed into boiled water makes a good tea to soothe the upper respiratory membranes.

Over the counter tincture of Elderberry, and Goldenseal will help the immune system regain its balance in cases of allergies.

In an isolated double-blind trial, Nettle leaf led to a slight reduction in symptoms of Sinusitis—including sneezing and itchy eyes (Wellness Warehouse Dispensary Elderberry, Nettle & Goldenseal)


Match your symptoms to find the right homeopathic remedy:

Allium cepa - watery eyes and a clear nasal discharge that irritates the upper lip, along with sneezing and a tickling cough. Thirsty, feels worse indoors and when rooms are warm, better in fresh air.

Arsenicum album - burning, watery, runny nose with a stuffy, tickling feeling during allergy attacks. Swelling below the eyes.

Euphrasia - eyes are swollen and irritated with acrid tears or pus. Symptoms are often worse during the day and from warmth, and the eyes may hurt from too much light.

Ferrum phosphoricum - very useful remedy in early stages of any inflammation. Use when allergy symptoms start, it often slows or stops an episode. runny eyes with a burning or gritty feeling, facial flushing, watery nose, short, hard, tickling cough.

Gelsemium - face feels flushed and heavy-feeling. A sensation of dryness or of swelling inside the nose, nose may run with irritating watery discharge, frequent sneezing. Aching in the back of the head and neck, a trembling feeling, and chills along the spine.

Natrum muriaticum - sneezing, watery eyes, clear nasal discharge that resembles egg white, loss of taste and smell, dark circles under the eyes, be thirsty, feel withdrawn and sad, gets irritable if comforted.

Nux vomica - nose is alternately stuffed up (especially outdoors or at night) and running (indoors and in the daytime). Other symptoms are a teasing cough, a scraped or tickly feeling in the throat, and headache.

Naso-heel – for acute Sinusitis (Heel product)

Luffa compositum - for general Sinusitis prophylaxis (Heel product)

Galium-Heel – for chronic Sinusitis. (Heel product)


Best wishes

Dr Chase Webber ND

Megan (dr.) Jones Homeopath View profile

Sinusitis is often exacerbated by pregnancy as the mucous membranes tend to swell. Given the fact that you are pregnant it is wise to stay clear of herbal remedies unless they are deemed safe for pregnancy. Homoeopathic remedies are wonderfully helpful and completely safe for use during pregnancy. Tissue salts are also very helpful when dealing with a mucous condition like sinusitis. If you are looking for an over the counter product, then try Natura's Sinfrontal or Pegasus' Sinus and Mucodrainol (2 products). Also experiment with sinus washing, using colloidal silver or Himalayan salt. It's not the most pleasant sensation but is very effective in the control of sinusitis. Warm regards, Dr. Megan Jones, Registered Homoeopath and BEST Practitioner

Felicia Rubin Pharmacist View profile

Sinusitis is always a problem in between seasons. I can highly recommend a mixture of Elderberry & Goldenseal, both herbal, which we dispense in our Natural Dispensary. Also Euphorbium Nasal Spray to be used as often as needed, so that you may enjoy immediate relief.

I trust this answers your question & wish you well.

Kind regards

Felicia ( Senior Pharmacist & Integrative Health Consultant,Kloof)

Felicia Rubin Pharmacist View profile

Unfortunately, we do not stock this particular product. However we do sell natural Xylitol and saline solution. You can therefore prepare the solution at home with these ingredients. However, I would recommend the use of a Neti Pot, which comes with sachets, for a nasal wash. Compared to other nasal wash techniques, using the Neti Pot is much easier, simpler, quicker and very effective. You can see a demonstration here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8sDIbRAXlg and read more about the neti pot hear http://www.webmd.com/allergies/sinus-pain-pressure-9/neti-pots

Regards, Felicia

Chase (dr.) Webber Naturopath View profile

Your symptoms may be sinusitus or a sinus infection. Please read through my Health Guide for Sinusitus for specific remedy guidelines. If the symptoms have been occurring for 10 days or longer get it checked by your doctor, he may need to treat you for a sinus infection with anti-biotics. regards Dr Chase

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Consult your doctor, healthcare professional, and/or pharmacist before using any supplements or before making any changes in prescribed medications. If you have a chronic illness or routinely take prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC) medication, or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is extremely important to consult your doctor, healthcare professional, and/or pharmacist before taking any new medication. Do not stop taking any prescription medication without consultation and guidance from your doctor.

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