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Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Dear D

Thank you for your question. I am sorry to read of your troubles with your skin. In my opinion it is more worrying why your immune system is allowing your skin to be so sensitive and reactive to the point of developing chronic infections. My advice would be to forget about the creams and antibiotics as they obviously have not helped and porbably only make the situation worse. Focus instead on super-charging your immune system.

Begin with your diet - cut out all foods that suppress immunity - i.e. dairy, sugar, meat, wheat.

Secondly use a strong probiotic from the fridge section of your local health shop.

Thirdly use immune-bosting supplements like Ester C, Spirulina, Chlorophyll and Immucore - choose one only.

Fourthly look at the products you use on your skin - soaps, lotions, washing powder, etc to evaluate for any sensitivities.

Lastly think about consulting a knowledgable practitioner to discuss undergoing a cleanse or detox - you may have picked up levels of environmental toxins that are suppressing your immune system, opening the door to opportunistic infections such as the one's you are experiencing.

You are welcome to contact me through www.healthnation.co.za if you would like to set up an appointment to discuss a cleanse plan for you.

Many thanks and warm regards

Yesheen Singh

Taryn Roseveare Nutritional Therapist View profile

Cellulitis is a serious condition for anyone with diabetes and should be discussed with a doctor. However foods which may help ease inflammation are foods high in omega 3 such as fresh salmon, tuna and sardines. Foods high in antioxidants are also very important for both diabetes and cellulitis. Be sure to increase your intake of fresh berries, vegetables, flaxseeds, hemp seeds/oil/powder and nuts. Green tea is also a great antioxidant and has shown to have anti viral and bacterial properties and helps to stimulate an impaired immune system. It would also be wise for you to take a vitamin C supplement as well as an antioxidant complex and/or diabetic supplement such as diabecinn. Feel free to chat to anyone at our natural medicine dispensary, they will happily show you suitable products.

I hope this information helps you. Remember to watch your condition, you may need a course of antibiotics to prevent further damage.

Kind regards
Taryn (Nutritional Therapist, Kloof)

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