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Angela Lombard Nursing Practitioner View profile

Dear Y

Many thanks for you question. I apologise for the unfortunate delay due to illness.

I am very glad that you sought a second opinion. Your ovarian cyst sounds more of an accurate diagnosis with your signs and symptoms mentioned.

Should your pain inrease and become even more sharp and intense, you need to get hold of your doctor immediately. Otherwise I suggest that you go to a casualty department of a hospital so that you can be attended to without delay.

It is important that you try to relax and not worry unduly. Ovarian pain can be acutely painful. Paracetamol as x2 tablets not more than every 6 hours could be considered, and not for longer than 3 days at a time. But be careful, as too much can serve as a blood thinner.

It would assist you greatly to take the following tissue salts, which will work on vibrationary energy healing, and are homeopathic. The following tissue salts will work well for a painful ovarian cyst, as you have an inflammatory condition and a fluid imbalance.

FERRUM PHOSPHATASE, tissue salt number 4. Take x1 celloid (tablet), three times a day, ideally 10 - 15 minutes before food. The primary function is as an anti-inflammatory. Use the Allison Effting tissue salt range.

NATURIUM MURIACUM, tissue salt number 9. Same dosage as above, and can be taken with tissue salt no. 4. The primary function is as a fluid regulator.

Do keep your appointment to see your gynaecologist, even if you feel better.

Kind regards


Yesheen (dr.) Singh Medical Doctor View profile

Hi D

Thank you for your question. The number of procedures your mother has undergone is quite remarkable. It takes a very brave surgeon to re-enter an abdomen that has been operated on before for the very reason you have submitted your question. The incidence of adhesions following abdominal surgery is cumulative with multiple surgeries, and female gynecological surgeries especially, giving particularly high rate of adhesions. In one study, autopsy investigations indicated a 90% incidence of adhesions in patients with multiple surgeries. The healing process post-surgery will always involve some level of adhesion formation between the various organs because of the introduction of objects foreign to the natural defenses of the body (scalpels, gloved hands, suture material, saline rinses), which induces the immune system to action. Just as you form a scar after your skin is cut and your immune system initiates a response to close off and heal the injury, so to does the body attempt to keep itself safe after opening of the abdomen by knitting all the organs closer together.

Adhesiolysis is the process of surgically removing these adhesions. In the past it was done via open abdominal surgery, which in itself had a risk of further adhesion formation. Today we have the benefit of laparoscopy, where a surgeon enters the abdomen with minimum disruption to the existing anatomy and slowly and carefully loosens and separates existing adhesions with the use of sharp dissection or CO2 laser. A lot depends on the skill and proficiency of the surgeon with laparoscopic procedures in general.

You would be looking for an abdominal or general surgeon who specialises in laparoscopic procedures, which many surgeons today already do. That said, it is difficult for me to recommend a particular surgeon because I do not know whether you will be working through the public or private health systems, and if private which hospitals and surgeons your plan will cover. Irrespective of which route you follow I would advise for any surgical procedure that you:

1. Get referred personally to a surgeon by a general practitioner your trust

2. Double check his or her registration with the South African College of Surgeons or the Health Professions Council of South Africa (email: webmaster@hpcsa.co.za)

3. Ask the surgeon for a list of previous patients who have undergone similar procedures to the one you plan on undertaking so you can speak to them personally on their experiences with the procedure and the surgeon

4. Get a feel for the surgeon him- or herself when you have your first appointment, and don't be afraid to change your mind and look for a second opinion or another surgeon. Personality and energetics play an important role in whether a surgeon is a cautious or over-eager cutter. In your case any surgeon who does not caution your mom on the success rate of adhesiolysis would make me take a step back.

A safe bet would be to approach the University of Cape Town Department of Surgery, who in addition to working in the public sector also have a private division within the hospital which gives you the benefit of accessing the latest in surgical technique as taught at the university, but with the standard of care associated with a private institution.

If there aren't any acute signs of obstruction by the adhesions I would also recommend trying alternate routes to improve the bodies ability to adapt to the restrictions made by the adhesions prior to resorting to surgery, including increasing daily water intake to two liters per day, the daily use of products like psyllium husk or zeolite to improve stool consistency and passage, restriction of processed foods and increasing the intake of raw vegetables and fruit, and increasing the level of activity your mom currently has.

Good luck to your mom and warm regards


Sean (dr.) Gomes Medical Doctor View profile

It is most likely that what you are describing is an anal skin tag.

Anal skin tags are shapeless flaps or lumps of flesh usually found
at the anal verge, where the inside of the anorectal canal becomes the
outside of the body. Anal skin tags are also known by the names of “cutaneous papillomae”
and “acrochordon”. Anal skin tags are an extremely common condition. They are not contagious, and may occur alone or in multiples.

Anal skin tags usually start due to an anorectal injury, trauma, or inflammatory lesion.

For example, if an external haemorrhoid swells up large and is cured at home without surgery, the haemorrhoid may leave a skin tag behind.

Another little known cause of the development of skin tags in
general, may be tight fitting clothing. For example, if the undies are
too tight, they bite into the skin, creating conditions ripe for
developing a skin tag.

Apart from cosmetic reasons, unless skin tags are causing or are prone to complications, they do not need to be removed.

When tags cause itching, pain, anxiety or hygienic problems, they can be biopsied to ensure their identity and then removed.

When small they can be removed easily under local anaesthetic at a doctor’s office on an outpatient basis.

However, if they’re either large or extensive, they must be surgically removed in an operating theatre while under general anaesthetic.

Laser surgery has offered great success in removing them while resurfacing the skin to appear normal, but is no less risky or time consuming than scalpel surgery.

I recommend that you see your practitioner for a accurate diagnosis and then to establish which treatment is best for you.

Regards Dr Sean Gomes

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