Reading to kids

Add more reading time into your child's life. You don't necessarily have to sit down and read to them; here are some tips to increase your kids literary skills through reading - especially if they are too restless to stay still.
1. Add some activity After reading a page, get kids to act out the page and expend some of their energy. Pretending to be a certain animal or moving body parts with books that focus on the body works well. 2. Read during mealtime When kids are involved with eating a meal, this can be a good time to balance a book behind their bowl and read a few pages. 3. Precis the page If the book has long passages of text, rather than read it all, point to the pictures and describe what's happening. This will still help to build on their learning skills. 4. Appeal to their interests If your child is mad about the colour pink or loves trucks and cars, find a book that features his or her interest. This is likely to engage them more intently. 5. Repetition Kids love repetition. Get them to repeat sentences after you read them. You will find they easily learn things off by heart and love identifying them over again. 6. Find interactive books Books that encourage kids to feel different textures or lift flaps will help restless kids zone in and focus. 7. Choose quiet times When kids have calmed down and are ready for bed or when they have just woken up they will tend to be more calm. This is a great time to fit in a few minutes of reading. 8. Vary your voice Making sounds effects or singing through sentences is often more entertaining to kids. If they find you funny, they are more likely to participate. 9. Read the signs Rather than restricting reading to books point out road signs or packaging labels and read them. Even if it's one word on a billboard you will be contributing to your child's ability to identify shapes with sound. did you know? Reading aloud to your child is the single most important thing you can do to promote their literacy. BENEFITS OF READING TO KIDS
  • The quiet together time you spend reading will help you bond and can become a nurturing time that many kids hold as a favourite childhood memory.
  • Studies show students exposed to reading before school or preschool show a higher aptitude for learning and are more likely to do well in all aspects of their education.
  • Reading, and phonetic variation teaches critical enunciation skills. Children learn to listen and naturally feel out different sounds helping them master basic speech skills.
  • By watching caregivers read to them kids pick up basic things like reading from left to right, and that images are separate from text.
  • Kids learn how interactions between people and animals work through stories. Stories often have valuable lessons to teach them.
  • The act of sitting still and listening teaches focus, discipline and better memory retention.

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