5 good morning stretches
5 good morning stretches DID YOU KNOW? Studies show that morning people are happier, healthier, more productive, and more successful than night owls. You can train yourself to become a morning person with lifestyle habits and obviously, by going to sleep earlier. Become a 'morning person' and leap out of bed with a routine that wakes up your system and brings on a positive day. If your blood pressure feels a bit low or you're sluggish and slow in the morning, you can change that by easing yourself into action. Here are 5 stretches to get you going.  TOP-TO-TOE Move yourself down the bed or wiggle horizontally to give yourself more room for this stretch. Lift your arms way over your head and stretch from toes to fingertips. Breathe deeply and point then flex your toes upwards, waking up your ankles. Flex the muscles all along your legs and feel your side body lengthen. Keep stretching for a number of seconds, relax completely and stretch again.  HEAD ROLL  Lay down on your back, arms by your sides and roll your head to the left. Feel your shoulders and neck relax completely and breath 4 long breathes into the crease in your neck feeling your neck turn more easily each time you breathe. Turn to the right side and do the same. Then repeat on each side. Stay lying on your back and bring your chin to your chest, stretch slowly for as long as you want. Bend your elbows, clasp your hands together and cup your head in your hands. Feel the weight of your head in your hands. Repeat as many time as you want.  KNEE CURL Bend your knees and bring them up to your chest. Reach further and curl into a ball. Feel your neck and spine stretch. Roll forwards and backwards to get maximum stretch. Roll side to side then stretch your legs back onto the bed.  SPINAL TWIST  Lie on your back, bring your left knee into your chest. Take a breath in and on your outbreath hold your left knee with your right hand and gently push the knee over your body to the right. Open your arms into a T next to your body and look left. You might hear a click sound in your spine, don't worry, it's quite normal. Stay in this position for a few more breaths. Repeat on the other side.  HAMSTRING STRETCH Bend your left knee into your chest then straighten it upwards to the sky. Grasp your hands behind your thigh to steady your leg. Feel the stretch going down the length of your leg. Keep your pelvis square when you do this. Circle your ankles a few times in each direction then slowly lower your leg down. If you're not very stretchy, bend your knee before bringing your leg down. Repeat on the other side.  TOUCH THE SKY  Sit on top of your bed in a cross-legged position. Sweep your arms up over your head and use the strength of your arms to elevate your torso. Lock your fingers together and turn your palms to the sky. Feel the stretch in your rib-cage and spine.  SAY A MORNING MANTRA Using a mantra is a way to internalise and harness a positive consciousness. It's a sound, word or sentence you use in repetition that allows the mind to switch off and be totally in the present. Use a positive statement to set a beautiful tone for your day. Make up your own or try one of these suggestions.  I am powerful and enabled Repeating these words helps you recognise that you are in control of your destiny, you have the know-how and ability to effect whatever you want to happen in your life. You are fully equipped to choose positive outcomes.  I love and attract love This smoothes the way for attracting the positive side of people, for having gentle and nourishing interactions in your day.  Om OM is a universal mantra identified as the most elemental sound, representing infinite universal consciousness. It has a vibrations that's in tune with the earth and will balance and uplift you. When you chant OM make sure you make the O sound as long as the M sound. 

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