We love featuring the stories behind our suppliers ' it's always great to know where your products come from and even better when the story involves a touch of adventure. Samantha Skyring, the innovator behind Oryx salt fell in love with the Kalahari desert when she walked 120km from Hartmans Valley along the Cunene River to the Skeleton Coast. During this time she also discovered a magnificent salt pan which inspired her to make this pristine salt available to consumers. Throughout her walk she had powerful face to face encounters with Oryx. So meaningful were they that when she was branding her salt, it was Oryx that undisputedly stole the name.
The salt pan is 50 km south of the Botswana border and 250km north of Upington ' it's a vast 50 square kilometres in size within the remote pristine Kalahari Desert. Beneath the pan is an ancient underground brine lake, 55 millions tons of brine 100% saturated with NaCL, minerals and trace elements. The brine is pumped up, laid out on the pan and sun-dried. In the summer months during temperatures of 47 degrees, the salt crystallizes and can be harvested 4 weeks later. We're often told to eliminate salt from our diets, but Kalahari salt is filled with essential minerals and far from being detrimental to health, it's salt you can feel good about adding to your food. It's pure, sundried, and unrefined with a unique taste loved by chefs all over the world. Oryx desert salt has all the essential minerals and trace elements that exist naturally in salt, including magnesium, zinc and potassium. It gives your body the right balance of minerals so they can be used optimally for health. With every bag of salt sold, a percentage is donated to the Khomani San and Mier communites who own !Xaus Lodge in the Kgaladadi Transfrontier Park in the Kalahari Desert. For more info go to DID YOU KNOW? The Oryx can go up to 2 years without encountering water but not more than 2 months without a salt lick that provides essential minerals, trace elements and sodium chloride so essential for its survival in the harsh desert climate.    

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