Seed Crackers

Versatile low-carb snacks from Sugar Free: 8 Weeks to Freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction by Karen Thomson & Kerry Hammerton (Sunbird Publishers, 2015). 
*2 TBSP psyllium husks  *2 TBSP chia seeds  *500 ml water  *600 g seeds of your choice  *2 tsp ground Himalayan crystal salt  *3 TBSP melted coconut oil 
1. Preheat the oven to 175 'C  2. Mix the psyllium husks, chia seeds and water. Set aside for 5 minutes until it forms a gel-like consistency.  3. Add all the seeds, salt and oil to the mixture and combine the ingredients thoroughly.  4. Set aside for 1 hour.  5. Line 2 medium-sized rectangular baking trays with silicone sheets or baking paper. Spread the mixture thinly over the trays.  6. Bake for approximately 60 minutes or until the crackers are crispy.  7. Remove from the oven, peel off the baking paper and cool.  8. Store in an airtight container.  9. Eat as a snack or serve with toppings like cream cheese, herb pesto or avocado guacamole. 

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