Sfera MemoryCare 60s

by Sfera
Credit: from R27 per month


  • Improves memory function
  • For long-term memory function
  • Assists with anxiety and stress


Sfera MemoryCare is an effective supplement aiming to improve memory function, reduce ADHD, repair neurological trauma and assist with anxiety and stress. It combines the following ingredients to deliver advanced memory support: Lion's Mane assists with the treatment for Alzheimer's disease, repairing neurological trauma, increasing cognitive abilities and improving muscle/motor response pathways; Brahmi is recommended for the management of mental conditions including anxiety, poor cognition and lack of concentration; Ginkgo increases cerebral blood flow, and therefore oxygen and glucose utilisation and energy production. Ginkgo offers significant protection against the side effects of ageing.


Lion's mane, bacopin, centellini, ginkgo biloba, boswellin, L-theanine


Women with conditions of excess oestrogen production (or taking birth control or oestrogen replacement therapy), should avoid taking bacopa, since an interaction between oestrogen and increased GABA can cause temporary hearing loss. Avoid using MemoryCare when pregnant or nursing. Do not use in conjunction with diabetes medication or cholesterol medication (Gotu kola interferes with oral medication for diabetes and may raise cholesterol levels). Avoid using if you take blood-thinning medications.


Maintenance Dose: Take 1 to 3 capsules daily with meals. Therapeutic dose: Take 2 capsules three times daily with food. Children 4-12: take one capsule daily. Children 12 and older can take an adult dose.

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