Skin Care Essentials

Extracted from plants to capture their flavours, scents and beneficial properties, essential oils make for great additions to a natural beauty regime.

Some important points to note before incorporating essential oils into your skincare regime:

*When applying essential oils topically, always dilute them in a carrier oil. *Always perform a patch test before applying an oil to a larger area of your skin. *Many essential oils are toxic, and should not be taken orally unless under the guidance of a healthcare professional. *Buy pure essential oils. There are all kinds of knock-off versions and perfume oils that don’t offer the same benefits


COCONUT Moisturises dry skin, and is antifungal and antibacterial

APRICOT KERNEL Rich in vitamins A, B and E, and may help reduce skin inflammation

JOJOBA  A deeply nourishing treatment for dry skin that also helps to balance sebum

GRAPESEED Known to protect the skin and assist in the reduction of wrinkles and stretch marks

AVOCADO Rich in vitamins A, D and E

ROSEHIP Great for skin regeneration and treating scars and stretch marks



LAVENDER While the popular oil is said to offer a host of benefits for sleep and relaxation, it may also help reduce itching and swelling when applied topically.

ROSE The antioxidant properties of this sweet floral oil may help treat acne and improve overall skin complexion.

HYSSOP This earthy oil can be used on the skin to help minimise scarring, reduce inflammation and act as an overall healing agent.

GRAPEFRUIT Derived from grapefruit peel, this oil is said to have anti-fungal properties that may help reduce harmful bacteria on the skin.

LEMON An uplifting citrus oil that’s loaded with antioxidants to help reduce inflammation.

PEPPERMINT A popular cooling oil that can assist with muscular tension, sunburn and skin rashes.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE Another popular companion in calm, chamomile has been found to assist in the treatment of skin conditions like inflammation and eczema.

TEA TREE Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral, tea tree oil has been shown to help treat eczema, reduce reactions in people allergic to nickel, and even treat insect bites and staph infections.

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