SKIN CARE TIPS to make a difference by Skye Forrester

Let's face it

There's nothing worse than the state of your skin interfering with your confidence. We all have those bad skin days ' in fact, acne is probably more common than you think. But, did you know that the condition of your skin is closely linked to your circulation, liver and digestive system? Following these simple, natural remedies, will bring you closer to a balanced you and healthier looking skin.

It's all about balance

Lemon and raw apple cider vinegar are two ingredients that help to promote a more balanced acidity level in your body. In fact, both have been shown to regulate digestion and detox the liver and kidneys.

The taste of straight raw apple cider vinegar can be a bit intense so it's best to mix teaspoon into half a glass of water. Raw apple cider vinegar can also be used as an external blemish treatment; either applied as it is directly to the spot, or diluted in water and used as a toner.

Have a cool glass of fresh lemon water on a hot, sunny day, or a steamy cup of hot lemon water to get you going in the morning ' lemon is a great way to bring your body back to a state of alkalinity which will lower inflammation too. Try half a lemon in a glass of water ' hot or cold ' every morning for a light daily liver detox.

Eat your greens

We know how important is to keep a balanced diet for all sorts of reasons ' and your skin is no exception. Sometimes it's tricky to get all the green goodness you need in one sitting - but one great way to get all those nutrients in is by drinking a delicious green smoothie. You can put any number of green veggies you like into the mix, like cucumber, celery, green apple and kale. Add flavour with stronger tastes like lemon, lime, green apple, ginger, or herbs. Enjoying one of these mixes over breakfast is a healthy and delicious way of contributing to smooth and clear skin.

Part of maintaining a balanced diet is looking after your colon. Veggies like spinach, green beans and broccoli will keep your system regular and get you a step closer to achieving long lasting clear skin.

Carrots are also beneficial - they have the perfect fibre ratio to support your digestive system - better than most other vegetables.

Get moving

Good looking skin is related to circulation, so exercise is a very important factor. It's not imperative to sweat it out every day but moving your body around for just thirty minutes a day can make an enormous difference. Chose something you enjoy and can do every day, like swimming, yoga, biking or hiking. Exercise like this every day releases toxins and keeps your hormones balanced.

Don't miss a spot

Skin cells, sebum and hair can clump together forming a 'plug' in your skin. This plug gets infected with bacteria, resulting in a swelling and inflammation of the pores. It's important to wash away the impurities that collect on your skin through the day ' especially if you wear make-up. Gently wash your skin using your fingertips, rather than an abrasive cloth or sponge that may do damage. After a good clean, it's just as important to moisturise, keeping your skin nourished and hydrated. No matter what your skin-care regime, consistency is definitely key.

5 myths about bad skin, busted.

1. Good news! Chocolate doesn't seem to cause breakouts. In fact, high cacao content chocolate has anti-oxidants that contribute to wellbeing.

2. Having bad skin does not mean you're not clean enough. While a daily face washing routine is very important, washing your skin too much can actually cause more harm. Over exfoliating can irritate inflamed and infected skin.

3. Exposure to the sun might feel like it's helping to dry out and calm inflamed skin, but too much time in the sun is definitely detrimental. Studies show that 10 - 20 minutes of sun can do you good, but more than that can cause breakouts and darken existing scars.

4. While it's not recommended to cover your blemishes with layers of make-up, it is okay to pretty up your face when you're having a bad skin day - opt for natural though, there are good natural make-up brands to choose from.

5. Bad skin is not just a rite of passage for teens; it can affect adults too. Studies show that acne is the most common of all skin disorders and 95% of people will experience acne at some point in their lives.  

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