Smitten Gentle Baby Cleansing Mitt White

Credit: from R11 per month


  • Baby's itty bitty bath time smitty


The ultimate gentle baby cleansing mitt!

Smitty is my bathtime mate. It's so soft and gentle too. It hugs mom's hand as it cleans me, and leaves my body so smooth. Smitty's kind to my skin, it's such a clever cloth, it washes, wipes and cleans away any dirty stuff! When Smitty's placed on a hand, its quick and fun to use, it goes to work instantly with warm water, love and you! Smitty contains no chemicals, it's healthy for my skin. It can be used many times so keep it clear of the bin! Warm water & mild soap cleans Smitty like new - rinse well & leave to dry, that's all we need to do. Mum needs no cloths or wipes cos' Smitty cleans everywhere, top to tail and in between with gentle loving care. Place zip lock bag when you're out for the day & keep Smitty's cleaning magic with you every step of the way!

Absolutely no soap or washes required, just warm water. Any impurities on baby's skin, bind to the fibre cloth and are gently removed. Smitty contains no chemicals and are reusable. Smitty is non-allergenic, non-bacterial forming and machine washable. Suitable for baby's sensitive face & body skin. For best results replace every 2 months.


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