Mens Face Cleansing Mitt

Credit: from R11 per month


Smitt a men's savvy face wash mitt with wedge-shaped fibres that 'grab' particles of oil, dirt, and the bacteria into the internal structure of the cloth and away from the skin


The ultimate-instant face cleansing mitt!

Total cleanse in 30 seconds with warm water only - no other products required! Smitts new technology micro fibre cloth activates with warm water "grabbing" surface impurities & absorbs them instantly, eliminating them from the skin's surface. Result... healthy deep cleansed pores, free of oil & grime.

Suitable for all men, all ages and all skin types. When in transit, conveniently store your Smitt in the water tight, zip lock bag. For best results replace your Smitt every 3 months.


Step 1: Place Smitt on hand & drench with warm water. Step 2: Rub face, neck & shoulders to deep clean & unblock pores. Step 3: Wet Smitt with cold water & pat skin closing pores and locking in hydration. Wash face with Smitt after shaving to prevent ingrown hairs. Step 4: Clean with soap & rinse thoroughly. Hang Smitt to dry naturally.

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