Smooth Flawless Skin for Life by Esosa E. (also known as 'Raw Girl')

Having great skin can boost your confidence, mood, and energy. As someone who suffered from acne, I know firsthand what it feels like to be self-conscious in social situations or professional settings, all because of blemishes on my face. When dealing with acne whether chronic, or minor but consistent flare-ups, the first step to change is getting fed up with not looking and feeling your best. After that you may choose to consult a doctor or dermatologist who will most likely prescribe you a range of lotions, creams, or even hormones to try to control your symptoms. While medical advice is always essential, prescriptions tend to put a temporary band-aid and it's important to address the root problem. If you are truly serious about achieving that seemingly effortless natural glow, here are a few tips I learned from my own journey that helped me achieve flawless skin in the long term.
1. Treat acne as a warning sign. Most of us think of acne as solely a cosmetic issue, but the truth is it runs much deeper. Did you know that the location of the blemishes on your face corresponds to various organs in your body that are crying out for tender loving care? When we ignore acne or treat it as merely an uncomfortable beauty problem, we minimize the important information our symptoms are trying to tell us. One incredible natural treatment that can bring your organs back into to balance is acupuncture. An integral part of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into strategic points on the body to unblock energy flow or 'chi'. You may be wondering: 'How can needles fix the zit on my forehead?' But think about your body like a vehicle. When any part of the vehicle is not functioning optimally it affects the flow and eventually the car won't run properly. When our organs are either overworked or weak, because of the wrong fuel (diet), or other factors, eventually we will show outward signs of imbalance. Take the warning sign seriously, and you'll be more likely to discover the root cause and make lifestyle changes necessary for healing. 2. Detoxify your body regularly. One of the first things I did on the road to achieving flawless skin, is to begin juicing organic fruits and vegetables. Making time for some form of detox is essential - it gives the digestive system a break and allows toxins and old waste to be flushed out the body. Juice cleansing is a wonderful way to give the body nutrition and detoxify. You can also detoxify through sweating. Another simple way to facilitate detoxification, is to drink adequate amounts of water. Most of us are chronically dehydrated and do not know it. Dehydration affects mood, performance, and of course your appearance! Begin the habit of carrying the purest water source available to you in a bottle everywhere you go. As you hydrate, you will find digestion improves and bowel movements become more regular, which will improve the quality of your skin. 3. Manage Stress. In our modern world of hustle, bustle, and smart phones, stress has become the norm. No matter how great your lifestyle is, stress can erode any positive benefits, lower your immunity, and eventually cause disease. Manage stress by developing healthy rituals that allow you to unplug. Whether meditation, prayer, yoga, or other mindfulness techniques, reducing stress will keep you on the road to optimal health and also radiant skin. If you are stressed about your skin like I was, take time to release. Visualize yourself blemish-free, happy, and healthy. As you accept where you are while holding the vision of where you would like to be, you'll find your anxiety dissipates. 4. Eliminate Processed Foods. As the saying goes, 'you are what you eat'. If you want to look like an oily, salty, bag of potato chips, then by all means, eat them. If you prefer to radiate the energy and life force of fresh organic produce, then choose to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Processed foods are unnatural and hard for the body to digest. When food is not digested properly, your colon eventually backs up. The best diet to heal your skin, is a whole food diet. Avoid packaged food and fried food. You may also find that even if for a short time, you can experience huge benefits from avoiding dairy products because dairy is acidic and mucus forming. Whatever you choose, the best rule of thumb is to read your food labels, and don't eat anything with ingredients you do not understand. 5.  Clean Your Colon. The colon is the bodies' sewage system. When your colon gets clogged with waste from unnatural foods that begin to ferment in the system, a range of things can happen including disease, or blemishes appearing on the skin. It is incredibly important to regularly clean your colon. Do this by: fasting, juice cleansing, and colonic irrigation. Colonic irrigation is the process of infusing a gallon of more of water through the rectum to flush out old waste. Anyone with colon issues, polyps, or growths on the colon should not try colonic irrigation. If you are concerned consult with your medical doctor prior to treatment. Psyllium seed husks are also a great colon cleanser as they are indigestible and a great source of soluble dietary fiber. Psyllium acts like a scrub, moving waste out of the body and can relieve constipation. There are colon cleanses in pill form available from health outlets. Whatever method you choose, remember to drink more water to facilitate the process. DID YOU KNOW? Whether you do hot yoga or regular saunas, sweating releases toxins through the bodies' largest organ, the skin.   Esosa E.also known as 'RawGirl' is a holistic lifestyle expert whose personal health crises and battle with acne led her to change her diet and begin avid studies of holistic health. She is the creator of Raw Girl in a Toxic World, a health blog where her writings about a range of health topics have been published online. To date she has written several books including: The Acne-Free Diet, a guide to healing acne naturally for life, and Parasites Be Gone!, Raw Girl's guide to cleansing the body of internal parasites. Her latest book Got Veg? How to Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet, is available online in ebook and print formats on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles, BookBaby, and more. Outside of her passion for health, Esosa is a producer, actress, and fashion designer. 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