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When Steve Moubray, co-founder of Spine Align developed his pay off line 'We watch your Back', he meant it literally.
When Steve Moubray, co-founder of Spine Align developed his pay off line ‘We watch your Back’, he meant it literally. You see, Steve is married to Sue McCallum, a highly established Chiropractor. Ingenious Sue, having seen one too many of her patients struggling with back problems, developed a special support cushion to help with postural alignment. Her support solutions were so effective, physiotherapists and other chiropractors also wanted them.

Steve had years of listening to the in’s and out’s of back issues and their resultant sleeping problems. Chiropractics was a common discussion subject in the family especially as Sue shared a practice with her brother Roy McCallum. Because the two chiropractors were so busy with their patients, Steve, with lots of corporate and marketing experience behind him, decided to look more deeply into how he could get involved with the much needed back support solutions. The result was Spine Align which has now been in business for twenty years and seen the addition of 25 products to their offering.  It’s a perfect team, while the chiropractors work daily on treating patients, Steve gets all the research and expert knowledge he needs to develop products that really work. Spine Align supplies to a number of physiotherapists and chiropractors who also give them professional feedback on products. They have been with Wellness Warehouse from the very start and we are happy to say have supplied many of our shoppers with solutions to their back problems.

Spine Align has back care solutions for all sorts of situations and places – the office, home, for travel (plane and car). They are serious about helping people discover the causes of their back ache and how to avoid it. Products like knee spacers, seat wedges, sleep pillows and variations of back supports help tremendously.

For twenty years Spine Align has used the same family in Bo Kaap to sew the cushion covers on their support cushions. Most products are sourced and manufactured in South Africa but when they can’t find them or reproduce them locally, they make sure they source from reliable international manufacturers.

Spine Align prides themselves on the prices they are able to offer. Many memory foam products come at a high cost, theirs are comparatively much more affordable. As Steve says, one of his main aims is to offer quality products that are affordable.

The contour neck pillow is one of Spine Align’s best-sellers. It is made from high density memory foam that moulds to your unique contours giving comfort and support to the neck while cradling the head. It may also help with snoring.

  • Supports your head, neck and upper vertebrae for natural spine alignment and superior comfort
  • Relieves headaches and neck problems
  • Reduces tossing and turning while sleeping
  • Recommended by leading chiropractors

did you know?
Back pain is the second most common reason people go to doctors in the US, the first being the common cold and flu. It is estimated that 10 million people in the USA are out of work or seeking assistance for back pain everyday and as many as 80% of adults are likely to experience at least one bout of back pain during their lives. Back pain sufferers are second in number to headache sufferers.

Spine Align
Classic Contour Neck Pillow R425.00

Spine Align Products

Yunnan Baiyao – a traditional Chinese anti inflammatory spray with over 100 years of healing history. This is used for rapid pain relief and healing from: Muscular & Joint Pain; Sprains; Stiffness; Open Wounds; Inflammation; Insect Bites and Stings; Sunburn and Cuts and Grazes.

Snoreeze – This is a range of products that help to relieve snoring. These include a throat spray that lubricates the throat, a nasal spray and oral strips. The oral strips have a unique time-release formula, which coats the back of the throat throughout the night and reduces the vibrations of the soft tissues, helping to stop snoring.

Spine Align Pillows & Back Supports – a range of memory foam pillows and different shapes and sizes of back and posture supports. 

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