Superfood Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Using the Vanilla Supershakes means super powering this recipe with an additional 7 superfoods making a real super cookie. ?You'll need a blender, food processor & dehydrator to make these delicious cookies!
Cookies: 1 ' Cups cashews 1 Cup vanilla super shake 1/3 Cup honey ' Cup water ' Cup cacao nibs Chocolate icing: 1 cup of cashews soaked for 1 hour ' cup raw cacao powder ' cup coconut nectar ' cup water
  1. In a high power blender add the cashew nuts and blend them for about 5 ' 10 seconds until they are crumbly. Careful not to turn them into nut butter.
  2. Put the cashew crumbs into a processor along with the Vanilla Supershake and honey. Process all the ingredients slowly. Add the water and lastly the cacao nibs until you have a dough-like mixture.
  3. Roll your mixture flat and then press into cookie shapes. TIP: If your mixture is too sticky, wet your hands while working with it.
  4. Dehydrate at 47 degrees Celsius for 8 hours.
Chocolate Icing: As an optional extra, make up a batch of icing and dollop some on the top of each cookie. You could get really fancy and put your icing in a piping bag and deliver your dollop with extra aplomb.
  1. Strain the water from the cashews. Put all your ingredients into a high speed blender and blend slowly. Use a tamper to grind the ingredients against the blade so it mixes into a smooth icing.