Emotional Freedom Technique is an 'Energy Psychology' technique clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels in the body, food cravings, physical pain and more - even severe trauma.  It works by gently tapping on meridian points. This stimulates the body's nervous system, and the ability to heal yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise. It's easy to learn and apply to yourself, children or even animals, and to incorporate with other practices and techniques like coaching, therapy, and meditation. It has as its foundation in love and acceptance. Tapping around various challenging issues sends a strong message that's easily assimilated and accepted into your psyche. It's a great technique to learn and use individually or with the family.
Once you have identified your uncomfortable feeling or challenging issue you turn it into a statement. You repeat the statement and add the words 'and I love and accept myself anyway'. You then tap on the meridian points and repeat your statement as many times as you like. You might say something like, 'I feel upset because of xyz, and I love and accept myself anyway.' 4 Easy ways to incorporate EFT tapping into your day Stressed, anxious or nervous? As unpleasant as those feelings are (and us urgently as you may want to get rid of them) tune into the feelings in the body and tap through all the points in the diagram. Acknowledge that you feel the way you do, and add 'And I love and accept myself anyway'. After a round or two, take a deep breath in through the nose and out the mouth. Repeat if need be. Physical pains & aches? Before you head for the pill bottle, tap instead. EFT works remarkably quickly for most pains and aches like headaches, backache, painful PMS etc. ' even when there is a good reason for the pain like a broken leg. Ask yourself 'If there was an emotion trapped in this pain, what would it be?' and do a round of tapping on that. Children: Troubled (or troublesome?!) children?  Bedwetting, bad dreams, fear of the dark or hyperactive? Tap on their points while they tell you what is troubling them. For the young ones, make it a game of tapping on their 'magic' buttons to make them feel better or even better, teaching them how to tap on themselves so they can use it when they need it. As part of their nightly bed-time routine, tap through their points while they tell you about their day. Food cravings: The best times to tap on food cravings are when you don't actually have the food craving, for example if you 'must have' ice cream after dinner, tap on your ice cream cravings in the morning when you wake up. When food cravings do show up, begin tapping through the points immediately. Allow yourself to feel the craving, and add 'And I love and accept myself anyway.' If you do give in to the craving and feel guilty or ashamed afterwards, tap through the points and repeat, 'And I forgive myself anyway.' DID YOU KNOW? Emotional Freedom Technique has been clinically proven to reduce food cravings, support weight-loss, release severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and reduce the cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline levels in your body. Bennie Naude is a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and trainer. Contact Bennie on www.deepliving.com.  

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