Team Building

Turn your family into a close-knit, loving unit by engaging in activities and projects together.
Having experiences as a family creates bonds between the members, generates more humour and builds a high level of loyalty and caring. Playing together also opens up communication lines where issues and disputes can be aired and resolved more easily. If love and support comes from the family, kids are better positioned to get into healthy relationships later on in life. Kids love to go through experiences they have had, you will often find them exclaiming exuberantly: “Remember when we went kite flying”. What follows could be anything from washing the dog, playing hopscotch, swimming in a river, baking cookies, the important thing is the stored memory. These events can all be recalled on days when positive reinforcement is required.

Personalise family days:
Make Birthdays and Holy days more memorable by stamping them with a distinctive family trait. This could be cooking a traditional dish, lighting candles, filling in a scrapbook, taking an annual picture in the same place or whatever is appropriate for your family. Having a ceremony of some sort cements positive associations with family life. How often do you hear people say, “Every year, on my Birthday my mother used to wake me up with a song,” or whatever the ritual might have been. Thoseare the things that create heart-warming nostalgia.

Log recipes:
Use a rainy afternoon to pull out all the recipe books in the house and get everyone to select meals they love. Tell kids stories about Grannies favourite dish, or things Grandpa hates. Create a file of all the favourite family recipes and write personal comments in them. Take turns in cooking everyone’s favourite food. When they leave home you can present them with a copy of the family recipe book.

Make art:
Give everyone a stretched canvas and the opportunity for everyone to paint their own picture. When finished, these can hang in the passageway next to each other.

Learn code:
Learn sign language together. There is a signage alphabet that is easy to grasp. This will teach compassion, and understanding for people with challenges or differences. Besides, you will have hours of fun signing to each other. Other fun things to learn are Morse code and the phonetic alphabet.

Dig in:
Create a family garden by going off to the nursery and getting everyone to choose a favourite plant, tree or flower. Dig holes and plant them together, decorate the area with pebbles or shells and make each member responsible for upkeep of their plant.

Picture it:
Print out all the digital pictures stored on the computer and make up a few family albums. It is so much nicer to have the printed out version. Print a few larger versions and hang family pictures around the house.

Keep a record:
Scrapbooking is a great family project. You can make scrapbooks of anything from pressed leaves and flowers to mementos from a journey or holiday, to family events and happenings. Another great idea is to make a wish board with cut out pictures of everyone’s different dreams and aspirations.

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