The Art of the Basin Bath by Jade Khoury

Create a beautiful basin or bucket bathing ritual with just 2L of water and feel the simple abundance of turning lack into luxury.
I love bringing meaning into the mundane and also finding ways to use as little water as possible in all areas. When it comes to staying clean and hygienic at home, and out there, a lack of clean water threatens health as well as self care. For us Capetonians bathing and showering is a ritual we now miss. Many people around the world bath from bucket so we can too. At first I took up the challenge of washing with less water for practical reasons but I soon realised there was so much more to it. Besides the functionality of it, there is also an unexpected sense of nurturing and ritual. I had no idea how satisfying it would be. Here is how I do it: YOU WILL NEED: * A basin/bucket that you can just put both your feet in but not too wide because you are only using a little water and want it to be as deep as possible. I prefer not to use the sink because if it is mobile I can move it around and use the left over water to flush my loo. * 3-5 cotton facecloths that are just for you and this purpose. You will need a clean one each day so have a few, as laundry day should only be every few days. * A good carrier oil plus essential oils like tea tree and lavender or any of your favourites. * A special candle or oil burner. * Some lovely music * A comfy gown and a towel. BATHING STEPS 1. Set the mood with music and candles. 2. Strip down, use a gown if needed. 3. Fill up a rounded basin container with 1 Litre of cold water and another of boiled water from the kettle. Waiting for your tap water to get to the right temp wastes water. 4. Add your essential oils. 5. Start with your face - Soak your face cloth and check the temp. Remove the days grime in what ever way you usually do. I use coconut oil to lift dirt. Then give your face and neck a slow gentle wipe. Bring your mind to your breath, the fragrance, the sounds and the sense of water being precious. 6. Re-soak your cloth. Then lovingly work your way from the neck down, using a gentle natural soap where needed. Give thanks to this body that has served you all day, to the water that gives you life and the joy of having a moment to your self. 7. Move the basin to the floor, sit on the edge of the bath or closed toilet seat and let your feet soak. Thank those feet for supporting you all day. Use your cloth to rub your feet thoroughly and give them some gratitude. 8. Dry off. Add your face cloth to the laundry pile. 9. I then tip this water into the bucket that flushes our loo. Dwell in the satisfying feeling of being kind to yourself and the planet. 10. Cover your self with delicious body butter or oil. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JADE KHOURY is a mom, teacher, creator, homemaker and domestic environmental activist. She is also the founder and owner of Low Impact Living that, among many change-making offerings and projects, inspires and empowers people in how to live a low impact lifestyle, on a budget in South Africa. Find out more by contacting her on [email protected]

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