The Harvest Table Ancient Shake Powder 350g

by The Harvest Table
Credit: from R43 per month


  • Grass Fed Collagen, Bone Broth & Alkalising Green Powder. 
  • Easy to use shake mix 


For the ultimate combination of amazing superfood powders (Collagen, Bone Broth and Green Alkalising Powder) try The Harvest Table's Ancient³Shake. This combination of superfoods brings us back to the ancient traditions of our ancestors who took time to ensure that the food that they consumed was nourishing and pure. Bone Broth was slowly brewed over several days ensuring all of the goodness within was obtained and vegetables were consumed directly from the Harvest Table. It was these ancient traditions that were at the centre of their grounded and wholesome lives. Our Ancient³Shake allows you to access the goodness of The Harvest Table's powder range in one convenient shake mix. You can add this mix to your smoothies or shakes daily to ensure maximum benefit. Add some coconut nectar or honey to your shake to add some sweetness and you are ready to go. This mix is so nutrient dense that it can be used as a meal replacement. Give your body the nutrients it needs to nourish itself into wholeness.


Collagen, Beef Bone Broth, Baobab, Hemp Powder, Wheatgrass, Wild Harvested Moringa Leaf, Spirulina, Barleygrass


Recommended daily dose is 4 TBS per day. This product has a strong flavour. It cannot be heated to ensure the preservation of the superfoods. Mix 4 TBS and some stevia drops into water to enjoy a powerful meal replacement shake.

Dietary Summary

  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Suitable For Diabetics
  • Halaal
  • Alcohol Free
  • GE/GMO Free Ingredients

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