The Neurochemistry of Success

Most studies on the brain look at the cognitive learning side - aspects like memory, recall, logic and reasoning. But, there is another side that involes consciousness. A growing body of interesting research and 'enlightened' studies are serving to understand the brains crucial role in creating our reality. 
The Golden Age of the brain has arrived. As Superbrain authors, Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi say,  ''Every day you step into the invisible firestorm of electrical and chemical activity that is the brain's environment. You act as a leader, inventor, teacher and user of your brain, all at once.''  Your reality is established by the four roles you play out with your brain. As a leader you give orders to your brain; as an inventor you create new neural circuits every day; as a teacher you train your brain to learn new information and skills; and as a user you make sure it continues working. Is your life a series of patterns?  Do you have a common thread that runs through your life story? That no matter what you try or do, you seem to attract the same old, same old' whether unfulfilling relationships, lack of finances, poor health, a boring job or disenchantment. Over the years nothing changes much and it feels like you are trapped in a story which always ends the same way, over and over again. Change your Brain, Change your Life You can stop repeating patterns by acknowledging you are the leader. Do this by offering thoughts to your brain that are different from previously held thoughts. Shift gear and make your brain work for you. Research indicates that 'day dreaming' or 'creatively visualising' about circumstances you would like to attract into your life, shifts vbrational frequencies and creates new neural pathways. As you visualise, so you become. Creating an updated narrative for yourself, one brimming with abundance in all areas of your life and repeating this story daily, reinforces new circuits in the brain. This shifts your reality and you begin to attract more of what you enjoy and desire. Chemistry and Success At first glance chemistry and success may seem like odd bedfellows. A wide body of clinical studies shows that our brain releases chemicals that are associated with particular emotions. Cortisol and adrenalin are stress chemicals - these prepare you for 'flight, fight or freeze' and oxytocin is the 'empathy and caring' chemical which brings compassion and understanding. When you move out of the holding space of your past experiences, it has an effect on the part of your brain that holds emotions (the amygdala). This decreases your adrenalin levels. Bringing your focus to events which are happy and joyous creates a flow of oxytocin and you will begin to feel more joyous. This is the ideal time to create new thoughts and plant new seeds for abundance. did you know? Besides interpresting your world, your brain also creates it. However your brain is hard-wired, you can change it. Creating new success patterns in the brain simply requires focus, concentration and belief.  REWIRE YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS WITH 3 SIMPLE STEPS  1. Accept where you are:  Unconditionally accept where you are right now. If you are struggling with finances or running out of luck in relationships, just say ''This is what I am experiencing right now and it makes me feel'.''. Acceptance is not giving in. It's about decreasing the anxiety of resistance. When anxiety about a situation and resistance to the situation drops ' the pressure is off and it sets up a ripe environment for neurons to grow. A new and exciting chapter is able to unfold. 2. Let Go:  We tend to hold onto past hurts and injustices. These are stored in the part of the brain called the hippocampus, (responsible for storing long-term memory). Our bodies are not rubbish bins so there is no need to fill them up with with past negative beliefs. Be conscious of emptying out memories that don't serve you. Let go and create room for new, positive experiences. Scarcity consciousness is not a natural state, it generally comes from beliefs we have internalised from our respected elders or caregivers. Make a concerted effort to breathe out this type of conditioning. On your exhale, nod and repeat your name silently. Do this for 5 minutes everyday and new neurons will flourish in your brain. 3. Step In:  Embrace new thoughts and realities with gusto. Feel, taste, hear, touch and see your desires unfold easily. Get into the core of the experience. Imagine yourself driving that dream car, feel your energetic healthy body, taste the exotic dish on your travel to your dream destination ' as you engage all your senses, your neurons will 'fire' in excitement of the experience, as if it is already a reality. Neurons which fire together, wire together and in so doing, new synaptic pathways are laid. This makes your reality shift into top gear, into success mode. Abundance, success, achievement, contentment and a life of effortless ease is available to you. Once you have pruned obsolete brain pathways you can regenerate new tracks to an abundantly blessed life. Let the chemistry of success flow strongly within you and allow it to bring you the life of your dreams. DID YOU KNOW? Your brain contains approxmiately 100 billion nerve cells, forming anywhere from a trillion to quadrillion connections (synapses). A baby about to be born creates 250 000 new brain cells per minute. Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA)  is the motivation centre deep in the centre of the brain that manufactures dopamine which fuels movement, motivation and reward. You can stimulate the TVA for the neurochemistry of success. MNS stands for the  mirror neuron system  and works like the maxim,  'monkey see monkey do'. These specialsed cells emulate and empathise. Use your MNS to emulate your role models and mentors. Jayshree Mannie is a lifesytle coach and cognitive behavoural therapist. She can be contacted on email: [email protected] or

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