Tuning Into Self Awareness

Bringing a beautiful accessible spirit into the practice of yoga is the spritely and sparkly personality behind Chloe Guiherme. Organised, determined and yet softly yielding Chloe has the perfect sensibility to encourage any aspiring student. Having come from a corporate background, she's put yoga into an e-book, a retreat, practical online classes and a support function to boot. I recently attended one of her retreats and left with some amazing tips on how to meditate, a handful of nutrition pointers and a huge amount of inspiration.
Knowing how busy everyone is, her retreat offered the option of attending the evening class, dinner and moonlight meditation and an overnight stay with a breakfast class. Or one could simply drive through for the morning class. Presenting yoga as a lifestyle, she combined meditation and nutritional aspects that fit snugly with yogic principles. Chloe has a way of drawing her followers into an empowering lifestyle and is a great example of yogic ambassador. She strongly believes in everyday practices to bring transformation of the body, mind and soul. The retreat was offered at the Krystal Beach Hotel in Gordon's Bay, situated right on the sea front with gorgeous balcony's leaning over the sea shore. Panoramic views and expansive rooms provided the perfect setting for total relaxation and rest. Tuning into Self Awareness is one of the gifts offered by Chloe and also available in her e-book. For more information email Chloe on [email protected] or log onto www.chloe-yoga.com *Find a peaceful space where you can be undisturbed. *Sit in the middle of your yoga mat with your legs crossed. If that does not work for you stretch your legs out in front of you or sit in a kneeling position with your feet tucked under your buttocks or even a chair. Comfort is key! *Relax your hands onto your knees *Close your eyes *Take deep conscious breaths in and out and allow your mind to become completely focused on your breath. Breathe here until you feel your mind and heart rate begin to slow down. *Bring your awareness to your physical body and explore your body, feeling every limb, every organ, every muscle. Sense your mind merging with your body. Become aware of any aches, pains or tension that may be in the body. *Once you feel you have explored and connected with every particle of the physical body, bring your awareness to your emotional body and become aware of how you are feeling or how you have been feeling recently. Are you happy, angry, sad, excited? Yoga is the practice of self-awareness. *Once you feel you have become aware of your emotional self begin to bring your awareness to your mental self. Become aware of your thoughts and what has been on your mind recently. Become aware of what you are thinking about yourself and the world around you. *Once you feel you have become aware of your thoughts, take a moment to become aware of your soul - that uniqueness that is each one of us. Take time to acknowledge yourself. Welcome yourself to your practice of self-awareness and transformation. *In this space of self-awareness identify what aspects of your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual self you may wish to transform. Things can include anger, stress, stiffness, pain and sadness. Identify things you wish to take on in its place like peace, clarity, joy, fitness, health, flexibility, self-love, self-awareness, abundance, gratitude etc. Hold this intention for transformation with you throughout your practice. *Take a deep breath in and bring your hands into prayer at the heart centre, acknowledging and unifying your body, mind and soul. Come completely into the present moment and acknowledge the miracle of yourself. by CHLOE YOGA

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