Turkish Saffron Yoghurt Mousse

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If you love Panna cotta and mousse, this dessert is a healthy way to carry on the love affair. It's creamy and delish without all the cream and sugar. You will need some advance time to prepare the rose petal honey and to infuse the flower flavours.


*1 cup thick Greek or coconut yoghurt  *A generous Pinch of Saffron  *2 TBSP of Rose Petal Honey (see below)  *6 TBSP of almond or rice milk  *1 TBSP torn Rose Petals  *' TSP of Agar Agar  *Coconut oil to lightly grease the ramekins  *Rose Petals and halved almonds to garnish ROSE PETAL HONEY  *' Cup Honey  * ' Cup Loosely packed fragrant Rose Petals  Rinse the rose petals and dry thoroughly on paper towels. Layer a jar with honey, alternating with petals. Leave for 2 weeks to allow the fragrance to diffuse.


1. Put the yoghurt in a bowl and whisk until it's light and airy.  2. Crush the saffron threads and add to the yogurt.  3. Leave it for a few hours to blend with the yoghurt.  4. The yogurt will turn a slightly orange colour.  5. Mix the agar agar with 1 tablespoon of water.  6. Heat the milk gently until hot then slowly mix in the agar agar until homogenised.  7. Add the the yoghurt and petals bit by bit and keep stirring.  8. Oil the ramekins and line with rose petals then spoon in the yoghurt preparation.  9. Cover and refrigerate until set. This could be 6 hours or overnight.  10. To serve, tap out the yoghurt onto a plate then drizzle with rose petal honey and serve.

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