Vitaforce Olbas - Oil 20ml

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HOMEOFORCE OLBAS OIL 10ML Olbas inhalant oil offers relief from colds, sinusitis & congestion.


Olbas oil is a clear concentrated aromatic liquid, based on a natural folk remedy from Switzerland. The ingredients are extracts from six herbs, without the addition of alcohol or artificial ingredients. 


Composition per 100g: 0.05g Clove Oil, * 5.00g Cajuput Oil, 22.5 Eucalyptus Oil, 1.00g Wintergreen Oil, 16.5g Peppermint Oil, 3.95g Turpentine Oil, 1.00g Menthol. Inactive ingredients: Light Mineral Oil


Directions for use: Adults and children from 6 years of age: Put a few drops into boiling water or on a tissue and inhale. Also apply locally onto chest , pillow or in humidifier for relief from sinusitis and a tight chest. From 2 upto 6 years : Apply locally onto chest , pillow or in humidifier. Do not Apply directly to mouth or nostrils. Under 2 years of age: Apply locally onto pillow or in humidifier. Do not apply directly to mouth or nostrils.

Dietary Summary

  • Alcohol Free
  • No Artificial Ingredients

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