When Only the Best Will Do

When those you love most - your family - fall ill and their lives are at stake, you would do whatever it takes to help them. That’s the sentiment that started it all for Natroceutics. Members of their own families fell critically ill, and when they were told there was nothing more to be done, they refused to accept it. They leveraged their network in the healthcare industry and gained access to the best available integrative medicines and natural therapeutics. The results were life-changing for their families. They knew they had a responsibility to share their findings with others in similar situations to give them the same opportunity, and established Natroceutics to do so.

Development of every Natroceutics product begins with a question: What would I do if it was my mother with cancer? My child who was suffering allergies? My husband or wife struggling with anxiety or depression? What is the best nature-based therapeutic that could help this person I love? This inevitably inspires a simple answer: only the very best will do, without compromise. For Natroceutics, that meant getting the best resources that exist, finding experts in their fields to collaborate with, and developing a range of products that is second to none. They are driven by the people and families they interact with every day, and that includes their own. People who simply want to see their loved ones or themselves get well - some of whom have been waiting a lifetime for help.

Natroceutics products are developed with the end-user – you - in mind, but this often means going through integrative medicine practitioners. For medical professionals, the primary motivation for selecting a product is evidence, quality, reliability, and integrity. So, Natroceutics’ products need to meet these requirements at a higher standard than any other product available to them. This very high standard has become their benchmark and sees them offering a superior solution for health practitioners to rely on when making prescriptions and recommendations.

Consistently meeting such high standards is no mean feat, and each product is an independent collaboration and development with an expert in their respective field who has made the subject their life’s work. It’s a mission that has seen them go around the world, and the proof is in the products. Culminations of decades of research, passionate pursuit, and, in each case, enormous amounts of funding in development to make it possible. It is Natroceutics’ calling, and they see it as an enormous privilege and responsibility.

For Natroceutics, the environmental impact of their products and their business is of crucial importance. They see the environmental waste crisis we all face, and they are rising to the challenge. While no one can exist without having an impact on the environment, the question they seek to answer is - how do you go as lightly as possible and contribute to regeneration?

The first part of their solution was investing in creating a low-impact product that is secure, stable, and looks good. They even went as far as lab testing their packaging. And they’re happy to share their findings and results with anyone who’d like to use them – the more people working to support the environment, the better.

Natroceutics Regeneration Commitment

  • No single-use forever items

This mostly means plastics like seals, caps, and even cap liners, shrink wraps, synthetic sponges, and labels. Everything is recyclable and made from natural materials.

  • Fully recyclable

In most cases, even paper or board is laminated with plastics that prevent it from being recycled or breaking down, or the inks that are used contain heavy metals or toxins. Natroceutics’ board is Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC.org) approved. There are no synthetic materials that become a toxin in the environment.

  • Every product = one tree

Every time they sell a product, a tree is planted in a mangrove forest in Mozambique. This started with their very first product, and has seen over 47 000 trees put into the ground within their first 12 months. October 2022 was their first anniversary, and by the time you read this they’ll be averaging 10 000 trees a month. As the business grows, so does their contribution -- and every person who purchases a product puts another tree in the ground. This initiative is run in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects, and tree planting numbers are reflected in Natroceutics’ monthly financials.

Natroceutics is proudly based in South Africa, and the community they serve lives around the world. In each country, there are people with similar values and principles searching for health solutions. Their mission is to reach them, and they recently announced that this will be possible for the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia from this year.

Natroceutics have given themselves 24 years to complete their mission before moving onto a new one. They are dedicated to the world as it is today and the generations to come, and strive to enable health and do good work for people.

“Wellness Warehouse strives to help you live life well but because we are retailers and not medical practitioners we cannot offer medical advice. Please always consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements, complementary medicines or have any health concerns and ensure that you always read labels, warnings and directions carefully, prior to consumption.”