White Tray Flapjacks

If you're not quite the morning person, whip up a batch of these healthy gluten free flapjacks for breakfast on the run!

500 ml Health Riot's cassava flour   3 Eggs  2.50 tbsp Xylitol   2.50 tbsp Butter, melted   4 tsp Baking powder   1 tsp Salt   150 ml Organic dark choc chips or raisins   500 ml Milk
Beat the eggs and sugar together. Now add the melted butter and milk and beat well. Add the choc chips or raisins, and sifted flour, baking powder, salt and add to the egg mixture. When all ingredients are well mixed, don't stir anymore. Drop spoonfuls of batter into a buttered heavy bottom frying pan. Turn over once air bubbles form at the top. Serve with butter.

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