Your health coach aka “Accountability partner”

How often have you tried to implement a new change or work towards a goal only to find yourself back in your familiar routine just days or weeks later? Or perhaps you can relate to the voice that whispers, “start tomorrow” or “I deserve this. It was a stressful day”?

Making changes and creating your dream life can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. This article discusses why accountability is important, how having a health coach can help and how you can reach your goals with an accountability partner.

Why is Accountability Important?

Most of us juggle careers, family commitments and household demands, leading to busy and stressful schedules. Add to the mix the unexpected curveballs of daily living and this makes holding yourself accountable for your actions and goals challenging, even for the most disciplined individual.

In addition, other factors can create challenges in your health journey. These include;

  • Unclear health goals and vision
  • Lack of a purpose behind your vision
  • Willpower depletion
  • Failing to understand the process of change

What might feel most relatable is a general lack of self-accountability - holding yourself accountable to your goals and general self-encouragement.

Little did we know how lucky we were as children. We were constantly being held accountable by our parents and teachers to follow through on the things we needed to do to ensure personal development and growth. As adults, accountability becomes a solo job. It’s up to you and only you. But does it need to be?

No, it doesn’t need to be! Your health coach can serve as your accountability partner.

How can a Health Coach Help?

In addition to support, education and encouragement, a health coach can also hold you accountable for health-related decisions and actions. Weekly commitment and responsibility are essential and can help you grow into the best version of yourself.

Research has shown that there is a significant impact in success achievement when working with an accountability partner.  Once we make a conscious and deliberate decision to achieve something, our chances of success increase by 10-25%. When we construct a clear plan for achieving it, this increases to 50%. Furthermore, being held accountable by another increases your chance of success to 65%, escalating to a staggering 95% when one engages in regular meetings to report back on progress with an accountability partner, aka a health coach.

How does Accountability Work?

When we think about it practically, it's the difference between saying you will do something (for example, going to the gym or an exercise class) and committing to meet someone at the gym or exercise class. You would be much more likely to go if you know you have committed to another person. It is clear from the research that accountability is critical in assisting one to stick to their plans, develop new habits and support achieving health and wellness goals.

Health coaching helps you succeed by ensuring you follow through on agreements between you and your health coach.

People need support over a long period to change entrenched habits they've developed over a lifetime. Why do it by yourself if you can get support from a health coach to help you close the gap between thinking about it and actually doing it – keeping you accountable and moving you forward week by week, each week moving that much closer to reaching your goals.

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